The Beast of Hollow Pond Nov 2008

The Beast of Hollow Pond

Hollow Ponds, known as Leyton Flats also, is an area of Epping Forest that shares the border of Leytonstone with Snaresbrook. Situated in the top part of the Lea Valley, it is one of the few places in London where people can escape the hustle and bustle and be in a truly remote and wild nature area.
   But this area has become well known for an even weirder reason. For it was here that, in Novemeber 2008, an eighteen year old trainee fitness instructor may have encountered a juvenile British Bigfoot. Michael Kent decided to tag along with his dad and brother for an evening fishing trip in the Hollow Pond area of Epping Forest. Mr. Kent later described that he heard something rustling in the bushes. Expecting it to be one of the local wildlife, such as a deer or a fox, Michael went to take a closer look. But what he saw was unlike anything he had ever seen before, and he had been fishing this area since he was a small boy. What Michael saw was a four-foot-tall hairy creature stood on two legs. He saw it from the back and says it was hunched over. The creature assumingly heard his approach and walked away, disappearing into the foliage, never to be seen again. Despite it being dark, only seeing it from behind and it standing on two legs, Michael for some reason described the beast as looking "bear-like". Maybe this was the only logical likeness he could think of when describing the hairy figure.
   So, is this yet another Bigfoot in Britain? It has all the hallmarks of other reports, and the witness was willing to share his story. This makes for compelling evidence of a juvenile British Bigfoot in Epping Forest.
   But what makes this even more compelling is that there were other witnesses who saw this, including pensioner Irene Dainty. She was in her garden outside her flat when she saw a four-foot-tall hairy creature with animal eyes and big feet. She said the creature jumped over a wall into the grounds of the Three Jolly Wheelers pub and disappeared from view. This location is also within walking distance of Epping Forest and add credibility to Michael Kent's account.