pentland hills sighting

 Student Nurse KD  recounts a tale told to her brother about 16 years ago by an activity leader who was running his group.
The person in question used to be involved with the Duke of Edinburgh Awards Scheme, and ran a number of outdoor activities and spent a lot of his personal time outdoors. He was camping one night near woodland when he had gone away from his group of friends to relieve himself. He saw something large and black moving on two legs and got such a fright he fell over a wall and ended up "on his a*se in the woods". He apparently looked into black cat sightings for a while afterwards to see if that explained what he saw but came to the conclusion that a cat that size would not have been able to walk on two legs. The location of this sighting is somewhere in the Pentland Hills near Edinburgh and would have happened around 1998. Unfortunately her brother could not remember the guy's name, but if it ever comes back to him she will let me know.
It is unfortunate that this account is 3rd hand, but it seems to have some of the hallmarks of a genuine sighting. The area is interesting as there is another documented sighting from the late 80's in the Bathgate Hills which is about 10 miles north of this general location.
Kirsty herself said that she has heard a few strange things from people when doing camping activities in Scotland, such as tents being collapsed in the middle of the night, and suggested that maybe approaching hiker and camping forums may be a good place to get information. Her helpfulness and open attitude are very much appreciated.
This is documented with her permission.