the Cleadon Wildman sighting 2003

DATE:    6/10/03
TIME:     2015 approx.
LOCATION:   England, Cleadon (South Shields) South Tyneside
TERRAIN:    Swampy
OBSERVED: I encountered what seemed to be a large bipedal creature.  The night was dark so it is hard to tell exactly, however it appeared to have a thick fur coat.  I estimate that I was around 50 yards from the creature as it walked along the edge of a tree line, before it was startled and ran back into the trees.  I only came to be walking in the area as a short cut between a colleagues house and the local store, I have been on various web sites looking for other sightings in this area but have so far been fruitless in my search for a similar encounter.
Activities of Witness:   I was visiting a friend in Cleadon, when I decided to walk to the local store to purchase some wine to supplement the meal she was about to cook for us.
Description of Creature:  Large, bipedal, thick fur coat.
Other Notes:    The encounter was very brief so unfortunately there is not much else to report, although there was another person in the vicinity at the time.  I believe they were taking their dog for a walk (which is possibly what startled the creature.) although I by the time I had walked around the waterlogged area between myself and the person, they had gone.