Tay Road crossing 2005

Other witnesses: None
Frequency: One time only
Year of Encounter: 2005
Month of Encounter: August
Date of Encounter: 28
Time of Encounter: 03:40 am
A92 – five roads roundabout: Encounter Location
Standard A class road. Thick trees on both sides of road. 3 miles south of River Tay, near Dundee, Scotland.

Driving home from work. After navigating Five roads roundabout, I was proceeding home (southbound) on A92 when my headlights picked out what I thought was a man standing by the left hand side of the road. As I approached the figure stepped out in front of my car and I naturally brought it to a halt to avoid hitting the individual. This ‘person’ was a large hairy ape like creature which turned to look at the car as I approached. It’s eyes gave out a shine which was very noticeable and it crossed the road in about 3 large strides.
I felt uneasy but brought the car to a stop and put the window down. I could hear something like crunching as something was clearly moving through the forest, I had no torch with me to shine towards the sounds. There was an unpleasant odour in the air and suddenly I got a feeling I was being watched as everything went very quiet. I then shockingly continued home.
Thinking back this individual was well over 7 feet tall and a dark brown colour. It’s hair was of reasonable length.
I have never seen this again anywhere in Scotland and only confided in my partner. I thought these creatures existed in other areas in the world and not here.
I know unequivocally what I saw and it is still clear in my mind as if it happened yesterday. There were rumours of sheep and cattle disturbances in that area, but I have heard of no sightings of large hairy creatures in that area or Scotland for that matter.
I worked as a Civil Servant for many years and experienced some crazy stuff, but I must admit that this was a big surprise