The Sighthill Cemetery Glasgow Thing 22/10/06
(Date Posted:22/10/2006 04:38 AM)
Hello Everyone Firstly, I just want to make it clear, I'm not entirely sure about any of this. I'd consider myself to be a fairly rational type of guy, certainly not prone to wild flights of fantasy and hallucinations. I have however always had questions regarding what might be termed "the supernatural". There are, after all, more things in heaven than earth and all that. It's never been more than a passing interest and a collection of horror movies though. At least until the early hours of yesterday morning (22/10/06). I've seen something I can't explain and I'd be grateful if anyone here could offer me the benefit of their expertise. I've just recently moved to Glasgow from Dumfries & Galloway and am still getting to know this city. Last night I couldn't sleep (something I suffer from occasionally) and so, after lying awake for a few hours, I decided to do something useful instead of staring at the ceiling. We were low on milk and light bulbs, so I decided to drive to the 24 Hour Tesco not far from my flat. On the drive home, at around 4.30 am, and still being relativly new to the area, I missed the turn into my street (which is a Cul-De-Sac). I pulled over and was just about to perform a U-Turn when something shot out of the gates on my left. The gates in question are those leading into the North boundary of Sighthill cemetary. The thing moved extremely quickly, moving like lightning through the arc of my headlights. It shot across the nose of my car, I'd estimate around 40 feet from me and then turned and travelled down the street ahead of me at immense speed. It all happened incredibly quickly, and the whole scene was confused by the shadows and mixed lighting of street and car headlamps. What I did see though was something like a man, although I can't swear to it. It was jet black (making it very difficult to define in the dark), and seemed to have (don't laugh) what might have been wings. I got the impression of what I thought were feathers, or perhaps something like bat's wings. I'm sorry I can't be more precise in my description, but this thing genuinly moved so incredibly fast. Bounding down the street and keeping, for the most part, to the shadows. It seemed incredibly strong and athletic in the way it moved. I was amazed, and very curious (if unnerved), I put the car back into gear and started to drive after it. I drove down the street at over 40 mph and I wasn't catching the thing. It was now around 100 yards or so ahead of me. As we approached a set of traffic lights the thing lurched away to the right so I swung the car after the thing and pursued it down this street too. Conditions here however were even worse, fewer street lights, and more cover. The thing flickered back into view a few times, bounding and running on the road far ahead of me, but soon I lost it in the dark. I slowed the car down (I was doing well over 50mph at that point) and carried on driving, scanning the road ahead for a sign of the thing. I'd almost given up when I saw it again on the pavement at the left of the road, about 200 yards ahead. This time it was stood stock still, though too distant for me to make out many details. Though stood still it certainly seemed to be man-like. Seemingly a guy wearing a heavy cowl (the wings?). I continued to close the distance between us (very slowly now), and for some reason I got the impression that the thing, whatever it was, was curious about me. It seemed to be regarding me as I drove towards it. Then something even more incredible occured. The thing suddenly jumped straight up in the air and cleared the fence next to the pavement in a single movement, dissapearing over the other side of it. This, it turned out, was the retaining wall for Ashfield Speedway, and is a good 20 feet in height. I got out of the car and looked through a gap into the face, into the interior of the speedway, but there was no sign of it. I hung around for around 15 minutes but saw nothing more,
than drove home. I still have precisely zero idea what it might have been. I only know what I saw. The whole episode only took a few minutes, but, even now, it seems impossible. Whoever or whatever it was, it was capable of fantastic speed and was inhumanly agile. I cleared a 20 foot face, from standing, in one go. Incredible. I didn't know what to think, and it was only browsing the internet tonight for people who might be able to help did I come across this site. So, has anyone got any ideas?

An interesting and unusual post i know, but fascinating non the less, what did he see that night, trick of the light? a winged creature? or trailing hair?