The Creature of Frensham Great Pond 1970's

Witness Statement: I am making this report on my fathers behalf, this encounter happened in the early 70’s "I shall give my best description of what my dad experienced that night” It was quite late, but the area well lit by the moon. My dad was with his girlfriend at the time sat in his car by the pond/lake. (I believe this place is called Frensham great pond near Farnborough) really quite a remote area he said. Anyway, as the night unfolds, there was him and his girlfriend and another car parked near by to them. They were sat chatting facing each other and Dad said his girlfriend suddenly looked in shock as she saw this "thing" go past the back window, Then suddenly the man in the car nearby got out and said to my dad and his girlfriend something along the lines of "What the hell was that? did you see it?!" The man said it jumped on his bonnet then ran off towards the lake. They went down to the lake to have a look. And that is when my Dad could see it, all of them could see it running up the bank/hill on the other side of this pond, and it was running fast. It must have run right along the bank of this lake. to the other side. The man described the creature as a youngish being, totally covered in hair. The next day the girlfriend insisted they contact the local police, who reacted with laughter and disbelief. Frensham Common is a large Site of Special Scientific Interest heathland of 922 acres owned by the National Trust which includes two lakes. Both lakes are popular with anglers as there is a great supply of fish to be caught. The area itself is surrounded by woods and nature reserves. Report taken by Jason Parson of the british Bigfoot Research Team 11/6/16