The Enormous Creature at Bolam Lake 2003

BOLAM LAKE (sighting by Naomi and her son David)

It was in 2003, during a visit to Bolam Lake country park, that a woman, known only as Naomi, had an encounter with the ‘Beast’ of Bolam Lake. Naomi, having read of other reports of the Bigfoot-like creature in the woods in the area, took her fourteen year old son, David there for a trip out. Naomi did not believe the stories in any way. But all that changed when, in the car-park, Naomi and her son both saw the thing with their own eyes. As she walked across the car-park with her son, she was shocked when she looked and saw a creature stood motionless in the nearby trees. They both felt a feeling of fear, a rush of trepidation rushing through them. Naomi described the creature as “a huge, black figure like an enormous shadow only dark and solid”. This description was similar to the other sightings that had earlier occurred at Bolam.