Old Stinker Returns Hull Aug 2016

A woman has described the moment she came face-to-face with the notorious werewolf Old Stinker.Jemma Waller, an animal rescue worker, was driving through the East Riding village of Halsham when she believes she saw the legendary creature. The 24-year-old said the beast looked like a big dog "with a human face".In May this year, the Mail reported how witnesses had claimed to see an eight-foot "half-man, half-dog" creature, stalking land off Beverley Road in Hull. Folklorists then made the connection with the legend of Old Stinker, a werewolf said to stalk the Yorkshire Wolds.Ms Waller was with two friends at the time of the sighting. She said: "We were driving down this country lane on our way to get some pizza and my friend in the back seat said that he had seen a fox.

"I looked on my driver's side and saw this beast on all fours who started to walk straight towards my car on two legs. It looked like a big dog, probably bigger than my car, but it had a human face. It also had this cream and grey fur."My automatic reaction was to keep on driving, but thankfully it didn't keep coming towards me. It just turned around and ran off diagonally."Everyone in the car was really shaken. We'd never seen anything like that before. The party stopped their car at a nearby petrol station to calm themselves down. When concerned staff asked what was wrong, the friends described what they had seen. Staff then told them about the Beast of Barmston Drain.

Ms Waller said: "We had never heard about it before, but when we started reading up about it, it was exactly like what we saw."It just made us more scared to be honest and I didn't get any sleep that night. It was just like a horror movie."Sightings of "Old Stinker" are believed to date back to the 18th century when wolves still stalked the countryside. In one report from the 1960s, a lorry driver said a creature had tried to smash its way through his windscreen as he drove along a remote Wolds road.