Martinshaw Wood Leics Shadows and Foot Step

The ghostly tales of Martinshaw Woods in Leicestershire seems to have more connection to the Woodwose than of long dead spirits. People report seeing dark figures flitting in and out of the trees. Eyewitnesses also see faces staring at them from the foliage. Paranormal investigator often report hearing things running around them in the darkness.

I often wonder if some of our wildman accounts get lost and reported as paranormal or ghost activity, in the USA feelings of being watched, or shadowed whilst walking, dark shapes you cant make out, stick breaks,  stones thrown, chattering voices, heavy running footsteps, screams and howls get reported to the American bigfoot sites almost daily, yet so few people have heard of bigfoot here, most witnesses have no idea what they have seen, and then its pot luck on the Internet trying to identify what exactly they heard or saw. 

I often ask them to describe the face, and in many of the cases they say "almost human like" or "like a dog with no snout" now why would this make people think of a ghost, because in the UK there is nothing to reference, if you see a tall dark shadow quickly hide behind a tree, then that has to be a goblin or a shadow person, a whoop or howl, becomes ghostly screams. If you are pelted with stones in the forest or wood, would it not make more sense that you are in an area you are not wanted, or a ghostly spirit or fairy trying to get your attention.

I think the Wildman has tricked us for so long, many of our fairy folk legends are a direct result of their actions, Horses have their tales braided and plated, people hear footsteps all around them, but see no figure, acorns and pine cones being thrown at your head become Boggart's and evil spirits. Quick shapes that move out of view quickly are put down to highway men ghosts or demons and black shucks.

I know not all of the paranormal activity that is wildman, but i wouldn't mind guessing a small proportion is.