The Tamworth Bigfoot Account Removed. Hopwas Hoax 2016

It is with great sadness and regret that i have had to remove the Tamworth accounts from the files and data. It has now been proved as a hoax, and i have removed it from the map, There is one thing all of the witnesses require and that is to be believed, to have somebody lie for attention belittle's them and all of the research gathered to date.

In my initial contact with the Tamworth witness, i had a few doubts as he is a salesman and something didnt seem quite right. but who am i to judge.  It was only on noticing this photograph titled "A very interesting photo submitted by a walker. Supposedly taken in Hopwas Woods 22/10/16 #believe"   (pic1)  I was shocked enough by the claim this man in a coat was a supposed bigfoot. a small child would recognise this as a hoax. So i questioned David Youell and was given the story that a walker had sent in the photograph.  A simple google check revealed it was taken 4yrs 9mnths ago, on a mobile phone and uploaded by apple comp to facebook by david himself. I was not the only person to point out this, as each person questioned him, david deleted every comment.  

I then went and checked some of his other posts on his page The Tamworth Bigfoot each and everyone a lie, a stolen photograph and a made up location. Most of you will have seen these shots millions of times on google. Yet Mr Youell continues to pass these of as legit.  So it seems Mr Youell lied about his sighting, and when that didnt get him any attention he then started to hoax online. 

Every researcher i know gives 100% out in the field, or online researching, we put in hours of our own time, without pay and do it all in the hope of pushing the boundaries and making people aware, and yet 1 lie, 1 simple hoax can make us all look like liars and frauds. I for one am not prepared to put up with this.  

I didnt write this post for drama, or point scoring or anything other than, this subject is hard enough without people muddying the waters with fake claims and accounts.