The Bigfoot of Bramham/Boston Spa Sighting 1998

Witness Account: I.W,  OK guys I'm going to tell you about my Bigfoot encounter, it happened years ago in the month of October 98, we lived in a rural area of Yorkshire in a village called Bramham . I'm out walking with my dog down a long farm track and its about 8pm and dark. We are just walking along, i let the dog off the lead and we are about half a mile up this farm track and the dog is just doing his own thing, Its quiet no sign of anyone around. I was enjoying the walk, there are hedges on both sides of the track so its hard to see clearly into the fields, and the woods are to one side of me. 

The dog suddenly stops looks up the track in the direction we are walking then he starts growling and acting all strange, I'm thinking it must be a fox, which is the way he's acted before, I'm looking at the track to try and see a fox, i cant see anything, now the dogs going mad and starts barking,  I turn to the dog to try and calm him but he won't stop, if anything he's getting worse ,I turn to look up the track and I couldn't believe my eyes this massive creature was stood there, it must have walked between 8 to 9 foot steps out onto the field track, im in complete shock, it cant be?  I think my brain couldn't take in what I was seeing, it was massive about 5 foot across the shoulders and about 8ft tall. I couldn't make out any facial features but could make out that it is covered in hair, it was about 30 meters from me, it made no sound and I never smelt anything.

Then the dog runs towards it barking but stops about 15 meters away, he was clearly scared and didnt know how to react, he had completely forgotten about me and thats a first, He barks a few more time's then turns and runs past me and back up the farm track the way we came, now you can imagine how stunned i was. i must of been in shock, because what I did next I can't explain, I'm stood there looking at this creature and I say "alright" to it.  (I know crazy) then I just calmly turned around and just started walking back down the field track after my dog, all the time listening for this creature coming behind me s$*&g myself, I never looked back till I got to the dog and I couldn't see anything.  I didnt report this for years and years, until other people came forward.  I had no idea what a bigfoot was back then, now seeing them online, it was an exact match. 

d.hatswell: I have spoken with this witness on numerous occasions, and i did manage to get a few minor details to add to the first statement. The dog had never acted this badly before, was used to walking the fields and woods and had encountered most of the UK's animal life, The creature in question was a similar shape to the usual Sasquatch shape, tall, broad shoulders, huge chest and hairy, the face was in shadow so no features were seen, but it did look left into the treeline sharply as if trying to hide the movement, which made me wonder if this was a group and the one individual spotted was the scout or alpha male? 

Just a look at similar sightings in the area and you will find two further bigfoot accounts and also reports of red eyeshine and even a red eyed bear (ofcourse there are no bears in the UK).and an account of strange howls.

With plenty of cover and water sources and surrounded by nature reserves and parkland on all sides, it would make an ideal area for "anyone" wishing to go unseen.