Leigh Woods Another Witness Comes Forward.

Red eyes and a feeling of being lost.

Witness Account K. Norris: I came across your story of the Leigh Woods witness accounts, i have also had some strange occurances happen to me there as i used to visit the woods alot, as a young girl and when i was much older, my last venture there was so strange i have not been back since.

 In my youth we spent some nights in those woods but there were lots of us 20+ cars. we would park in a circle with lights on so the middle was lit.  One night when I walked toward to my car to get something I saw red glowing eyes watching us it was about the height of the bumper. I've never even told anyone about that before.  Then about 10 years ago i was out in Leigh Woods a place i know like the back of my hand, and yet i got lost, i was wandering around trying to get my bearings and i came across this weird stick house, it was weaved together with branches and vines, it was open to the elements and you could see into it, i have no idea who or what made it, but the experience of being lost in a place you know well has stopped me going back and i havnt returned in the last 10yrs.