I almost hit it with the bike, Thorp Perrow Figure 1983

Witness Mr. A. Ross: I did not know that any UK Bigfoot sites existed until i found yours earlier this week and knew i needed to contact you. You see I had a sighting and experience over 30 yrs ago as a young boy in Yorkshire that i have never been able to explain,I have not told many people over the years and i have only shared it with a trusted few but on seeing your accounts from others, i feel ok to share it with you. 

I found the American sites years ago trying to match what i had seen all those years ago and what i saw was so like the american bigfoot reports iv been trying to find other UK witnesses ever since, even as far back as  the early 80's and on finding you i realised i was not the only one who had seen "it".  When i saw the map of sightings i knew i had to contact you to share the details.
Back in 1983 i lived in a rural area just outside Bedale called Thorp Perrow, The area is pretty rural sandwiched between two National Parks – the stunning Yorkshire Dales to the West, and the dramatic North York Moors to the East,  with small country lanes, woods and fields and the rivers Swale, the Ure and the Ouse close by it was a good place to grow up as a child.

One year i was around 15 yrs old and i was riding my Bicycle back home from the  school disco i had just been to. This was at night and with no lights on my bike or the path i was taking. I was in a good mood but a little spooked due to the time of night and being alone, so i was singing away to myself to keep my spirits up as it was pretty dark and no one was around, i should say i was riding through the farm land track into the forest as there was a path that made a shortcut through there.  I'm was peddling away trying to close the distance to home, singing away and thinking of nothing in particular when Bamm i almost hits some one on the road, i swerved at the  last moment to avoid hitting "them" full on and braked hard. Halting i looked back to see a huge "person shaped thing" with its arms above its head and it started to growl/howl/screech at me,  it was no person and It was large and holding its hands up in an angry gesture and making a horrible noise, im sorry to say i was terrified, i almost messed my self in fear, all i can remember is the size of this thing, bigger than human size, it stands out as large and bulking now when i think back, the growl was horrible and its eyes stood out the most to me and my attention was fixed on them, they have stayed with me for over 30 yrs.

Looking back all i recall was the initial shock of almost hitting 'someone' in the dark, and then as i drew to a halt and turned back all i could make out was it was no person, the mass of it was too large, it was huge,and i remember the whites of its eyes and the inhuman growl/howl a kind of guttural noise it made at me. I rode off faster than before and got home as quickly as i could.
As i say this was over 30yrs ago now but it is still with me, and even though i now live in the town dark alleys, country lanes and the woods at night still spook me. l hope this helps others to come forward and share their experiences too.