Langsett “figure in the tree” Photograph 2016

Hello Deborah i was hoping you could have a look at a photograph for me, it was taken at Langsett Reservoir at Stocksbridge South Yorkshire its right on the edge of the pennines the lady in front is my partner, and there seems to be a large black shape in the tree canopy above her, its some kind of  black spot that looks out of place. To me it looks almost ape like and whatever it is its wider than the tree trunk. I didn’t notice this on the day in question it was only on returning home and re-looking through the photographs i noticed the anomaly, i would like some opinions on what it could be, I'm not making any claims here, I'm just wondering what the shape is, and whether it is natural or not? 

Langsett Reservoir is where we was walking and we were on the path closest to the water, I took the photograph as we were walking away from car park, i did notice there was a lot of rabbit activity in the area and signs of them seemed to be everywhere and we also noticed a lot of mushrooms. i haven’t got the software to enhance it so i would be grateful for anyone who can throw some light on it for me, please feel free to share this with your researchers.  I will be returning to the area to take a comparison shot and hopeful that may bring some answers.

Enhancement by BIGFOOT TONY

Area Researcher H. L. Peacock visited the area on 21/11/17 and did a complete area search this is her report:  Langsett reservoir in South Yorkshire is on the edges of the Peak District national park.  The reservoir was created in 1898 as was most of the woodland surrounding it.  The woods are mostly pine but indigenous trees have started to be introduced. The area is a mixture of waterways, woodland and moorland. I didn’t see any Woodwose activity to speak of, but it is a fantastic area to keep an eye on. There are a number of reservoirs nearby. One called Strines reservoir had had sightings of Bigfoot in the area previously.  A night visit would be great here there are no lights for miles.  I will revisit the area to look for changes over time and will keep you posted.

D. L. Hatswell 21/11/17