Two Wildmen Hunting on the Road to Loch Etive

Witness Account: I would like to report an incident that happened to me in Argyle Scotland one of my favourite places to be . It was down one of the single track roads that runs between Taynuilt and Dalavich on the road  that runs along the side of Loch Awe. There are miles and miles of forestry tracks that you can walk along. It is a good place to be if you want solitude, you can walk for hours with bumping into anyone, there are tracks and trails criss crossing the area. It is a short walk from Loch Etive and has multiple places to go off track and just enjoy the time out in nature.  Although i do question walking alone after seeing what i can only describe as a hunting party of two, out there on the road that night, something i will never forget. 

It happened on a cool night at around 1am in March 2016. I was driving back from a friends house after a evening of chat and i was sober and in good spirits. I was alone in the car and at this point i was driving through the  older parts of the forest.  I noticed a movement luckily as i was driving and suddenly from my left hand side was startled by a deer running across the road, running as fast as it could, in flight, i didn't have time to think what was chasing it, i looked back to see and it was being  followed by a large man like creature, really tall and very hairy, and he was running, moving at a fast pace, it/he took one long stride to cross the road.  Without thinking i stopped. eyes fixed on the running man? You see the thing was as soon as  I hit the brakes and turn to look where they had come out of the trees, when off to my left I see what looked like another one, this figure was smaller, younger, not so big and muscled, but a wild man type thing all the same, it wasn't looking at me but looking towards were the bigger one ran into the trees. I couldn't believe what i had just seen, to this day i still question it?  I did get a good look at both of them, the moon was out, it was a clear 
and crisp night, its not like i could of mistaken them, they looked like two wild men hunting.

The first one that crossed over the road after the deer was at a height of i guess 8 foot tall, he had hair all over and was naked, it was hard to tell the colour at night but it was dark just like the smaller one.  It wasn't a huge road, but even so its stride must have been at least 6ft to cover the distance in one leap like that.  The way it moved was startling to me, it was fluid and fast. The one on the hill looked smaller and younger and the eyes were strange, the smaller one looked back at me with reflecting/glowing eyes like a dogs does in the dark, it did not follow the larger man, but backed into the darkness of the trees and I was off as it gave me quite a fright .........

Loch Etive Thumps and Knocks 2000

Witness Account: Something really strange happened and I'm unsure where to go with this? I'm hoping someone else will be able to give me an explanation on the events that day.  I think I may have had an encounter with something i couldn't see.  We all looked but we never saw anything that could be making the noises anywhere, but we all heard tree knocks and thuds coming from withing the thickest part of the wood. 

It happened around August/ September 2000. I was with both of my parents up at Loch Etive.  We were walking along side of the Loch about six miles up a forestry track.  We were collecting gravel for my dad's cactus collection that day, so this area was ideal for finding it. Anyway we were there for about an hour or so and every so often we could hear knocks and loud thuds coming from the woods beside us.  It did Feel at times like we were being watched. I don't think there was another person up there, we never saw another person, just the three of us. It was very strange. 

D. L. Hatswell 28/10/17