Cat Wood Bigfoot's and ongoing research. Howls Figures and Footprints

There is an Account on the British Bigfoot Map  that happened to one of the British Bigfoot Group members and fellow Researcher  Shaine Winfrow when he had a very scary experience he still carries with him today:

"When I was 14 years old, I was out in the woods close to home a place we went to all the time, doing the usual boy's games, and on that day I had gone with my brother and a friend and we were messing about as usual for a while and then we decided we would make a rope swing.

It didn't take long to make the rope swing and start playing on It.  I should say we were in Cat woods in Sheffield.  I have always called it this but it doesn't show up on maps under any name?  It must just be a local name I think.  Any way we were swinging and making a racket but over the top of that we could hear some thing coming close to where were.  At this point we couldn't see it just hear it, and whatever was howling was getting closer.  We were looking around everywhere to try and see what it was and then we looked up the tree where the rope swing was but much further up and we saw something there it was black and grey stood on two feet on the branches, we also saw a smaller one across from us that was the size of small child, we ran so fast out of there we went back a day later to get the rope swing but it was ripped apart in pieces and covered in black and grey hair we never went back there again.

That day has never left me and I have spent the years in between collecting accounts from other people in the area and going as far back in newspaper articles, online forums and anywhere I could think of to be honest, just trying to work out what they were.  Today if I had to explain it I was describe them as Bigfoot, hair covered and ape like, almost like a man and a monkey at the same time. I have searched the area too, I have found sewer pipes and tunnels and I have found an account of dark walking figures and a person who reported howls.  This morning as I was on my way through a small wooded area close by, a part of what I think is an inner city corridor I found a footprint, it looked so much clearer in the sunlight and was clearly old and I tried my best to get a Photograph of it.  I have included here for you all and I will be joining Deborah on Youtube and I will fill in all the gaps between Cat Wood and what has happened along the way, at one point I was chased on my bike by a green eyed cat that kept up speed with the bike.  I have camped in many of the sighting account areas here and even where the legendary Hope Valley Werewolf was seen.  If there is anybody who would like to meet up and join me while I investigate this can contact me through Deborah on debbiehatswell@gmail,com and I would welcome an information or analysis on the photograph provided.

Thanks. S. Winfrow 15/12/17 


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