World Wide Christmas and New Year Cryptid Sightings. UK, USA, CANADA

Reddish Brown Creature Cotgrave Nottingham, Dec 2015 - England

This sighting happend in Nottinghamshire on the 27th December 2015, at around 1:00am

I was driving home going along the Owthorpe Road, travelling back from a Christmas party and I was heading towards the A46. I was approaching one of the corners, the one just before the Eton Park nursing home, when the headlights of my car highlighted 'something' Im struggling to explain stood in a layby. 'It' was just standing there and 'It' was about 6 foot tall and 'It' was covered in reddy brownish hair all over its body. My whole family saw 'It' as they were with me in the car at the time. 'It' had dark eyes and a human face.

I don't want any help but felt that I should share what we saw in case there was a large Cat on the loose or something? A large Human looking, upright Cat. This is the only thing I can think of to explain it. My son says it was not a cat, he described 'It' as a monster.

Little Golden Maned Men, Errington Woods 1/1/18 Trolls, Boggart? or small Hairy Folk? - England

Deborah. I came across your website whilst searching for some help to find an explanation for an incident that happening to me. I want to report something I saw on New Years day this year while I was walking my dog. I know you usually take reports of  Bigfoot's and Yetis but I don't know how else to explain the "things" that I saw or who to go too to report it. I guess you could call them Little Foots. Because I saw something in the woods that wasn't large, but they were short. Two little small and hairy human type figures.

I regularly take my dog walking in some woods near the village of New Marke. These woods are called Errington Woods. Well on New Years day I was on my usual walk with the dogs when I heard these chattering noises, it sounded like two men muttering. and it sounded to me almost Ape like, two Apes chattering away to each other. I looked into the trees where the direction of the sounds were coming from and I came across these two little creatures both stood near a felled tree. They were about 3 feet tall and covered in tawny coloured hair.  

They were both males and I saw anatomy on one of them. They looked like small primitive humans and one was wearing what I can only assume was a loin cloth. They each had a mane of hair down their necks. They were very muscular and I got the impression that they were not children or young, that they were fully grown Men. They were just two little men covered with golden tawny hair.

They stared at me for a few seconds and I got my mobile out. My black lab then started barking at them. As I was loading the camera they shot off into the bushes and I had no chance to take a picture. They soon disappeared and I lost sight of them. 

Red Eyes in the Night. Barnstaple - England

A sighting came in of a Red Eyed Creature that was reported in January 2010. - It wa in an area called Barnstable on the South West Coast. It was approx 5:30 am so it was still dark out as we still in the New Year. I was driving  heading north on the A39 from Camelford to Barnstaple. That particular day my partner was also in the car along with me, as he had an early appointment in the same Town.There were no street lights down that road and no houses around anywhere, so it could be pretty eerie there at the best of times. 

But this particular day, heading towards us on the other side of the road, was what looked like a set of red glowing eyes, they were moving as if they were on a dog that was walking fast, a dog that was just heading in our direction if that makes sense, but there was no body or anything there, it was just these red eyes, then they just disappeared. 

I thought I must have been seeing things as I was tired, but it spooked me, so I sped up a bit! It was at that point that my partner said "did you see that then?" I just said "yep, don't talk about it" and I drove as fast as I could away from the area! In hindsight we should have talked about it later, but it was so scary I really just wanted to forget all about it and just pretend we never saw them.

Mullaghbane Wildman Sighting. Dec 17 - Ireland

I have been hiking since 2004 in many of Ireland's wild places, I am mostly alone when I hike. In December 2015 I was in a very remote and isolated area of the Sperrin Mountain Range. I had walked to the three hill tops which are surrounded by dense forest and was heading back up a hill towards a tree line to get back to my car when I saw something very tall and large moving faster behind me about one km away. It was walking heading on the hill towards me on a route I had just taken. I am not easily spooked but I did not hang about as I am of the opinion if it wanted to, it could have caught up with me quite easily. I have pondered this for a while now but I have not got a clue as to what it was to this day, as I see people on the hills and mountains at various distances. But this was taller than a 6ft person at the distance I seen it. Eight feet plus is my guess. As I didn't have a gun only hiking poles I was not about to wait and find out. My hiking bag now has binoculars added.

I would be interested to know if anyone has encountered anything strange in and around the Sperrins mountain range. I have my walk recorded on a GPS unit. I walk all year in all weathers from good to zero visibility and I am well used to seeing everything appearing out of the mist. But on this walk I had great visibility and I know about the optical illusions and what lone trees can seem to be when walking. 

I don't know what I saw that day as I see deer and quad bikes on the mountains regularly along with hikers, dogs and runners depending where I walk. All I can say is the "thing" I saw for want of a better word was out in the open following a fence on a hill I had just left in the same direction and it was moving fast and was on two legs and around 8 foot plus easy in height. I am not one for seeing things but this was huge and it really spooked me big time. 

I have sent a pic of my route and the approx co-ordinates. One thing I did notice that stood out was an unusual 'hunting party' there who were well camouflaged and I found strange, but when I went hiking they left the area. I did see them with a map out which I thought was highly unusual as local hunters of game know their area and don't carry maps.

I actually waited at my car for 'It' coming over the top of Mullaghbane as I exited over the summit and I turned left heading West to my car which was parked on a very minor road. But nothing appeared over the top. 

Strange Screams Loch Sunart Dec 2017 - Scotland

I wanted to share my experience with you. Last Christmas (2017) my family and I went to stay in the Scottish Highlands. We stayed at the side of Loch Sunart in quite a remote location. Behind our cottage was a game trail and at night I would regularly see Deer heading up the hill which was inaccessible to humans. There was also a water fall and stream at the side of this game trail.

On the 26th (boxing day) I went outside to have a cigarette, it was just as darkness began to fall when I heard a really loud scream which sounded like it came from up the top of this trail. The only way I can describe this scream is to say it sounded just like recorded vocalisations I have heard of Bigfoot!

After we returned home I decided to have a look on Google Earth and up at the top of this trail is quite a lot of woodland. I'm certain that the Highlands has Bigfoot living there and I can't wait to go back. 

Witness to the Carmyllie Bigfoot.  Footprints in the snow. - Scotland

I would like to report an experience I had a few years ago now. I never really told anyone about it because, you know, talking about Bigfoot makes you a crazy person in some peoples minds, but I just recently found out that there have been two other sightings near a quarry not to far from me just outside of Carmyllie, and I live very near there and I think the incidents may be related.

It was during the winter of 2012 or 2013, which if you recall was very intense. In Carmyllie, the snow was at least foot deep on flat ground, and many feet deep in the snow drifts. I was walking the family dog down a dirt track that provided access to a stretch of farm plots. It stretches between the main road through a wooded area further on that stretches further South.

About a little further than half way down the road, I saw what appeared to be an extremely large footprint in the snow. It was slightly softened by snowfall, but the print was clear enough to make out, you could see that it was a bare foot shape rather than a shoe or a boot shaped print, and was maybe 1.5 times the length of my boot. This made it by my judgement a little longer than a foot and a half. Judging by the way it was orientated, it seemed that whatever left it was walking from the field on one side, to the field on the other, it looked like whoever had left the print was cutting sideways across the road. Considering that the road was at that point maybe 4 foot across due to the snowdrift, and there was only one foot print on it, the creature that left it must have been quite large.

I tried to see if there were any more footprints around, but I couldn't find any. I think this might have been because the snow that would normally fall on the footprint was being blown into the drifts at either side of the path, so this print was slightly more protected as it was being snowed out less than the other footprints, and thus remained clear while the others were hidden by the falling snow. As strange as this was, I deemed that it was probably nothing to worry about. It could have been caused by any number of things, so I left it and continued on. 

Once I reached the wooded area at the end of the road is when the scenario became very intense. For detail, the area also had a lot of low, scrubby bushes. With the added snow, these bushes could be about 5 foot tall, coming up to my neck. Once me and the dog got to the wooded area, the dog reacted, strangely she seemed to have seen something before I did and began barking and lunging (similarly to the other Carmyllie report).

Before I saw the creature, I heard it. A sort of deep, long “ooooo” sound, which caused the dog to stop barking and start squeaking and whining in fright. Finally, just before I was about to turn and leave for the sake of the dog, and frankly for my own sake, I witnessed this great, big creature rise from behind one of the bushes. It stood easily 3 heads over the top of the bush, and seemed dis-proportionally wide at the shoulders and neck, and 'It' was almost black in colour. The snow also seemed to glint off its eyes, making them pop out at me slightly more than, say, a regular humans would. While the visibility was slightly damaged by the snow, this creature was only maybe 5 metres in front of me, and 'It' still dwarfed me. It was at this point that the dog took off, and I took off after it. I didn’t look back.

Since then, I have tentatively returned to the road, but I haven’t seen any trace of the creature. I generally don’t buy into these sort of things, but I suppose something like this only needs to happen once to convince you. Regardless, I’ve never told this story, and I am only now revealing it due to my discovery of the other witness. Perhaps there is something in this area that we haven’t discovered yet.

The Carmyllie area has reports going back to the 80's when a young girl name Charmaine Fraser saw a tall, dark hairy creature on her Grandparents land when collecting the mail from the bottom of the farm track. The dog who was walking alongside her reacted first, which made Charmaine look in the direction of the bark, she described the creature as holding onto a branch of a tree, examining it in some way. There are also reports from the quarry area of bone finds, howls and a mystery humanoid shape seen in the headlights of a car, just standing there in the road.

The Fur Coated Man. Miller County 1969 - USA

It was cold and rainy that day and we were returning from a family get together over the holidays. My wife and I were in the pickup and the boys rode in the back, in the bed of the truck under tarps and in their sleeping bags, we left Ida about 8 or 9 at night and headed north on hwy 71 to Texarkana where we farm, The road at some points isn't that wide, I suddenly see this thing a ways off in the distance in the high beams of the truck but I didn't know what I was seeing. The closer we got, the more "strange" the 'figure' became and I knocked on the window to the back of the truck to get the attention of my boys. My wife was asleep, but she woke up and sat up. Then my wife looks at the 'figure' I can see and says “it's a man walking in a fur coat” (it was very cold that night) and in the midst of no place she thinks we should give this character a ride to town, it being Christmas & all.

It wasn't long before we got close enough to realise this was no man in a fur coat and no way were we stopping to give whatever 'It' was a ride. As we passed 'It' the 'man' or 'thing' stopped walking and just stood there, dumb-like, staring into the headlights. 'It' couldn't have been startled because we were coming up on 'It' for quite a distance. 'It' raised its arms up to shield the light from 'Its' eyes, the arm and hand were thick, hairy and muscular. The big underside or palm of the hand shown as a pinkish brown towards us in the light, and pretty much blocked details of the face. The boys stood up and peered over the cab of the truck and went silent; my mouth fell open.

What was this? 'It' had shaggy hair, all brown as I recollect, long over his face.  The face seemed like a man's face what I could make out of it with hair or whiskers, shorter hair on the body. It had hair on the legs but had caked mud from the knees down like 'It' had been wading through the swamp or something.

I remember 'It' being quite tall, 'It' was huge in the chest area and as we passed this thing, 'It' screamed and yelled like 'It' was in pain or maybe terror? A strange noise I've never heard before. My wife and I looked at one another and the boys screamed in fear and dove under the tarp. I remember thinking the rest of the drive home 'what was that thing?' We didn't talk about it anymore that night, if we did I don't remember what was said.
During milking the next day the boys did ask what that was we saw on the road last night, but I had no answer for them and the subject was dropped.

I don't know what else to tell you, the screamer on the road is all I know other than it was hairy and good sized. We retired and live near Blanchard now, there are rumours of the monster from years ago, but nothing in the papers lately, if you hear of something recent, we would like to hear from you, I hope this helps your research.

Kindly, John Copeland

A Snowplough driver in Chelan County Washington has reported seeing a Sasquatch like creature when he was clearing the snow. - USA  

As the driver was making his fourth pass over that section of the highway he was working on, he saw what he believes to be a Sasquatch. 'It' was walking on top of the train trestle, but 'It' stopped and turned at a slight angle to look right at the driver, as if 'It' was startled by the sound of the blade scraping the road.

The highway generally runs east-west, but turns at that section
and runs underneath the train trestle, so the driver was headed south at the time. The trestle runs east-west over the road, like an overpass, but unlike an overpass, trestles typically do not have side walls or rails. The train tunnel is east of the highway. The subject was walking toward the tunnel.

A snowplough cab is up high, above a large blade, so the driver had an elevated perspective as he approached the train trestle. He also had had a good, close view of the subject as he drove his snowplough underneath the trestle. The driver stated "I was working as a snowplough for the State of Washington and at the time and I was travelling eastbound on Highway 2 towards Leavenworth. I was approaching a train trestle, and my lights caught a large animal, on the bridge, 'It' was walking towards a train tunnel. I couldn't stop but it was clear that there was something there that wasn't there the previous 8 times I passed through that area"

The driver observed 'It' distinctly for about five seconds in his headlights, which were bright enough to cast shadows. He estimated the height to be six and half to seven feet tall. 'It' was double the width of a good sized person and slightly hunched over. He could see clumps of hair, so he described the subject as shaggy. 'It' was a dark brown/blackish colour with streaks, making it look similar to the way some people colour their hair.

The snowfall at that time was very light, actually, just a little misty, the way it gets just before it stops. He made another pass going the opposite direction through that section about 10 minutes later, but the subject was no longer there. The driver was shocked to see the subject and was glad to be inside the safety of his snowplough cab. He didn’t want to stop to check for foot prints or possibly get another look.

A Creature observed stepping up and over a Fir sapling. - CANADA

In December 1998 at about 5pm I was driving westbound on Lake Earl Drive approaching Highway 101 at the controlled intersection. Because it had just finished snowing, my son was admiring a snow-covered area of a mountain that had just been clear-cut. Looking up also, I noticed a human like figure at the top portion of this area. This figure was walking down and appeared to be about 7 or 8 feet tall covered in reddish-brown fur.

Not believing what I was seeing, until my son said "oh shit" and both of us continued to just sit there and watch this critter. As 'It' continued down the hill, 'it' stepped up and over a fir sapling, and stopped and looked around. 'It' started walking again (a total of about 400 yards) and disappeared into the forest at the base of the hill. Because both of us were in total shock, we didn't notice the three other cars that had pulled over to the side of the road to watch this animal also until 'It' had walked out of sight.

I first thought 'It' was a bear as they can get up on two legs sometime. He was completely covered with hair except his butt. It had no hair and it looked like a monkey's butt. His palms had no hair also. It was about eight thirty in the evening. I was rushing as I was late for a dinner party. The day was overcast and dark. The sasquatch was illuminated in my headlights. The area is pine fir mix interior sage brush and there is a river close by. The terrain is steep in spots.

The witness though the Creature was 6 to 7 feet tall. 'Its' entire body was covered in black hair that was about 2 to 3 inches in length, except for the palms of 'Its' hands and 'Its' buttock area. 'It' walked away from the road but quickly turned to look at him as he drove by. 'Its' steps were fluid and graceful with 'Its' arms swinging wide. 'It's' face was flat with no visible snout. 

Tourists recount their viewing of a biped walking up hill in Alberta - Canada

They had travelled to Alberta to ski and stayed at a hotel that is located within an area that has a long and also current history of Sasquatch related reports. The day of the report they decided not to ski as the weather was too cold approximately -28C (-18F). 

About 2pm they took a short walk around the lodge and were headed back through the parking lot when they noticed 'something' moving up the nearby hill. They found it odd that something would be out and about in such weather so decided to watch 'It' for a while. They could not determine what 'It' was as 'It' appeared to move biped-ally up on two legs. They decided 'It' couldn’t be a lone human as 'It' was far too large. It would be extremely unwise for a human to be outside and moving away from shelter in such extreme weather. They watched 'It' for about 20 minutes at which point they had to move inside as it was so cold. The figure was completely black and from what they could tell seemed larger than a human. They went back out and checked the hill again after warming up but they could not see 'It' anymore. The direction that the creature was going would take 'It' over this rather large hill and into a valley on the other side.

The Witness Stated. My partner and I were walking near the Delta Hotel on a very cold January afternoon early in the New Year. In the distance we could see a large figure moving up the side of a snow covered mountain. The figure was dark and large (about the same size as the trees that we could see) 'It' was walking upright and moving upwards at a steady pace. We watched it for more than half and hour as it wound its way to the top.

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