Walkers find a Gruesome Deer Kill in the Kings Forest Suffolk. Wordwell Thetford. 28/3/21

A BBR member was contacted by a friend who was out walking in the Wordwell area. The lady who was accompanied by her parents and her dogs came across the gruesome find this afternoon. They were walking in the Kings forest, Suffolk. The track was clear and the deer wasn't there on their way in. It was however in their path on the way out. Her parents were a little put out by the find, which is completely understandable.

The image is shocking, and appears to show a young deer whose face and jaw had been completely bitten though. There were no drag marks or signs of disturbance in the dirt. Her two dogs stayed close to her and they quickly sniffed the head and then came away, which was unusual, they're both young and would normally have wanted it. 

The witness didn't want to make too much fuss over the find as her parents were with her. It looks like something has literally bitten the top of the head off. Her dad was a bit shocked he kept asking what could have done it?

As we know there are many Big Cat Reports in the Area, along with the Bearman, Bigfoot, Dogman and Baboon reports that come in from the area each year. 

Deborah Hatswell 28/02/21

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