Simon Clarke Will be Speaking at the "Unexplained" Conference in October 2020

Hello Everybody, as you know the Unexplained conference is going ahead as planned on the 11th October 2020 in Leyland. Here is our first speaker bio for you to enjoy, come out and join us for talks on Bigfoot & Dogman, The Paranormal, Cryptid Creatures, Serendipity, Unexplained Events and much more.

Simon is a witness to a UFO and has had an abduction experience, he has also travelled the globe researching unexplained events and witness reports.

Simon Clarke - My background is mainly in engineering but for the last ten years I have been a part time author.

I became interested in the unexplained as early as my teenage years when a lad at school did a talk about the Bermuda triangle. Also, around the same time, we went on a family holiday to Brittany in France where we explored the standing stones at Carnac.

I wrote my first Blow Your Socks Off book five years ago and followed in up with book ‘Too’ a few years ago. My original book is about ancient advanced humans, and the evidence that they left behind, and Aliens. When I began writing the follow up book, my brother suggested that I include a section on Bigfoot.

Let me explain to you while I write these books. There are things that we know, things that we know that we don’t know, and things that we don’t know that we don’t know.

In the things that we know category we could say that we know how to read and write. In the things that we know that we don’t know, we could have flying a helicopter. We know that some people know how to do this, but we know that we don’t know how to do it. In the things that we don’t know that we didn’t know category we could have why there is a margin in exercise books or why words are set in from the edge on most books. This is because in the olden days mice and rats would chew the pages of books and it was hoped that they wouldn’t get so far and destroy what was written.

Also in this category could be the one thousand ton blocks that are lying around that we would struggle to move today. Or the ancient stone blocks in South America that are carved with African faces. Or the fact that 600 million years ago, the whole of planet earth was frozen like a giant snowball.

The thought that UFOs might be real or that Aliens could be visiting our planet has been a source of great amusement for many decades. If someone said that they had seen a UFO if was classed as a sight that they were going a bit cuckoo.

In April 2019 it was reported that the US Navy was creating a way for sailors to report sightings of UFOs. This followed on from an independent investigation where former and currently serving personnel had not only sighted objects themselves but were also interacted with on numerous occasions, occasionally causing fighter aircraft to take avoiding action.

In 2019 I had my own UFO sighting experience and a couple of years earlier I had a potential alien abduction.

As for Bigfoot, there are over 30,000 authenticated reported sightings in the US alone. It is estimated that only one in ten sightings are reported which means that there could be over 300,000 sightings. Of these, a single report could cover on going activity on a farm or homestead.

There are many more interesting topics out there that I have not covered so far. Many that I will never get time to investigate. Topics like the paranormal, although I have had a paranormal experience myself.

One last bit of information to intrigue you. Has alien life even been found in our solar system? The answer is, yes. You will have to come to the conference to find out more.