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This is one episode you do not want to miss. J.R, Shawn and Myself interview and have a great discussion with Debbie Crossley Hatswell from the British Bigfoot Research HQ. Not only is she a very sweet lady, but her knowledge on this subject is mindblowing. We find out alot about the North American Sasquatches cousin, across the pond in GB. It will blow your mind. She also tells of an interesting encounter she and a friend had back in 1982 that to me would be considered a not so pleasant encounter. So sit back listen in and be blown away. Become a member of our BBR Investigations group and help us to investigate cases like these, in the field or online. Please click one of these links to show support, or hit that like button. Feel free to share. For BBR Memberships email admin team on #BBR #BBR UK Patreon - Blog - Cryptid Creatures and the Unexplained. Wordpress- British Bigfoot Youtube - D. Hatswell Creature Reports. SpreakerPodcasts - Bigfoot/Dogman Reports Podbean Podcasts - Paypal - Go FundMe - Please help us with funding for equipment and domain costs Copyright ©2005-2021 All Rights Reserved.

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Join Deb as she chats with US researchers about our British Bigfoot Reports.