sevenoaks sightings 1978 and 1987

ranton man monkey

The Dartmoor Wildman Capture 1948

Beckermet cumbria creature sighting 98

hangley cleve hairy man

colchester big hairy man 2012

leeds road crossing 1993

killhope wildman sighting 2014

norfolk park sighting

wistmans wood dartmoor

horsforth leeds large hairy thing 1993

The beast of Gevaudan – True story of a monster of France: The Gevaudan’s Beast

devon doones grey man

cannock chase large dark animal 2005

salford woman sees bigfoot

cold heseldon figure 2010

dorrington apeman 1970

elvedon ape/baboon sighting may 2011

Wychling woods kent footsteps and whistles

Coederaill, Bylchau hairy hand

creech hill somerset sighting

new forest growls and figure sighted 2013

kilminorth growls/footsteps

blackentrack woods stones thrown at witnesses

wildman and the railway tracks

hope wood rothbury family/group sighting

The Dolgellau Howls 2016