sevenoaks sightings 1978 and 1987

More reports from the nearby Sevenoaks area : " The first was in October 1978 I lived in Sevenoaks, Kent in a street with a series of houses which was laid out in an oval. The street itself has around 40 houses or so and then fields to the left and countryside, woodland for a few miles. The countryside was pretty thick in places pine forests and then oaks and birches quite diverse. So I guess you could say I was on the outskirts. I was 10 at the time it was a Sunday night and was waiting to watch How the West was won. It was a pretty cloudy and foggy a still night that i remember. I went to my kitchen to make a cup of tea and in our house we didnt have at the time double glazing it was a one sheet glass window with metal partitions so when we had to cook or boil a kettle condensation would occur. I waited in the kitchen for the kettle to boil and out of the corner of my eye, a face appeared in the bottom pane. At first i thought it was just my reflection and then i looked again. This time the face pressed hard against the window. It was that of chimp and human style face, it was youngish i would say. I pretended i didnt see it but was absolutely terrified. I left the room and sat down motionless couldnt say a word i decide at the time to draw it straight away.As an addition to this the face resembled that of a chimp short snout black / brown eyes but with human length. The second encounter happened in my late teens early twenties around 1987 or so, we used to go to this hill called one tree hill after the pub was shut to have a bbq and drinks beers to the early hours. Now one tree hill is on top of rocky ridge its kind of strange in that this one tree has a bench beside it and for 200 yards or so its clear right to the ridge with a 30 yard width and either side its thick scrub and trees. On this night in particular which was clear but a little cold my friend and I arrived ahead of the other party to start a fire. We parked the car and made our way to the bench which was about a 5 minute walk or so. My friend started gathering wood from the left side and I started from the right. About 10 minutes in, I heard a deep very deep growl I dismissed it as cows or sheep from the valley below. But then a couple of minutes later i heard it again this time deeper and more defined whatever it was was on my side and coming my way. It had real depth to it, that gave the impression it was of a significant size. I placed my firewood on the fire and at the same time my friend joined me. Just as we did so the grunt sounded again, this time it was a matter of yards away and very loud. I looked at my friend my friend looked at me and we both said RUN!! As I ran I caught a glimpse of bipedal figure illuminated from the treeline it was huge. Now the next day less than 1 and half miles from the area a lorry driver driving through a remote road said he had nearly hit an "orangutan" at 630 in the morning. Driver stated that it was a "orangey red" in colour. This was on the road from Ide Hill to Sevenoaks south.This made the local newspapers the same week. I didnt tell anyone."