blackentrack woods stones thrown at witnesses

The Blackentrack Woods are well known to the people of South-East Cornwall, forming part of a much larger ancient woodland(kilmnorth woods) I begin to suspect there is someone in the woods, with us. There are just too many noises, and movements, glimpsed out the corner of the eye. I called out, several times, for someone to show themselves, or make themselves known; but apart from a worried response from Lorraine,(she had just been hit by a stone, coming straight from the woods to our right) no-one answered my call. I continued on my walk, to the top of the hill. Lorraine recounts her experience to george. They are both happy to sit by the Beech Tree, and experience the atmosphere around them. So, they were both pulled from their relaxed state when several stones were hurled at them from the trees which surround them. Several of the stones hit the tree trunk, making quite loud 'cracking' sounds, while others struck the two terrified ghost-hunters on the arms, and legs. Fearing for my safety, George called out for me to return to the party. After reaching the Beech Tree, we all made a concerted effort to calm our nerves. This took, I am ashamed to say, quite some time. We were all rather shaken by our ordeal, so opted to spend some time in the quiet.

 the area was checked by Marcus Le Page :The 'Blackentrack wood stone thrown' in South East Cornwall as I live here in Looe which is adjoining the woods. As a local I asked my local FB friends as we are a small community, if anyone had heard of anything. The feedback that I got was there were at least 2 incidents, one in the 80s & another in the 90s. Someone even sent me a map of the woods and its surprizing how big and dense it is in there. The fact is there about 4 or 5 different woods all connected. The main 2 are Blackentrack & Kilminorth. The later is a popular one with dog walkers. Anyway I decided to go check it out for myself. In Kilminorth I saw nothing unusual apart from a possible tree structure but it was way way old decades possibly. Things changed when I went deeper up into the next woods. Here I never seen anyone, it was very remote and I saw a couple of placed tree markings which were interesting, I also saw a few strange tree breaks from something taller then me ( Im 6ft) and I saw a tree which had been twisted 90 degrees by something very strong, but again it was done several years ago by the looks of it. I was in there about 3 hours and could have gone on but didnt have the time.Personally it does look squatchy as they say, and theres a river running though the valley with woods either side.Plenty of places for something to hide. Definitely worth checking out guys, and I will be going back and ill take some more pictures. If anyone is interested to come along feel free to PM me as Im happy to guide them.