colchester big hairy man 2012

Colchester (June, 2012) - Suffolk is a very rural county, but like all of England, a long way from anything remotely like wilderness! Anyway it was early afternoon and we were walking along a quiet road. To our left were some woods and to our right open some fields. We were just walking along, chatting when my partner said something like “oooh, I’ve just seen a big hairy man in the woods”. I had a brief look into the woods and didn’t expect to see anything – I didn’t. Nevertheless I was keen to get away, not scared exactly, just keen to get away.Anyway that was about it. I didn’t discuss it too much with him until a few weeks ago. He said the figure was about 6.5 – 7 feet tall; seemed to have longer hair on the head and upper body. It was following a parallel course to us in the woods. I asked him if it had looked at us. He said he didn’t remember, but the fact that it may have looked at us is what may have caught my partners attention in the first place. My partner said he could detect some definition in the facial area, but no clear features and was also aware of strong muscular definition in the upper body area; even through the hair. At no time did my partner feel menaced or afraid of what he saw