kilminorth growls/footsteps

'Kevin', told us his car is often scratched after a night in the layby, and "the others" have heard stones hitting the roof of particular vehicles, and sticks have landed on the windscreens. I suggested it might be other groups of kids, but he was quite adamant that there's no-one brave enough to "mess with my motor". So, patient reader, I suggested to Kevin the overhanging trees may be the cause. I was told, in a matter of fact manner, it "wasn't the trees".  So, that leaves myself, Matt and George sitting in the car alone, awaiting the "witching hour". I insisted it had to be midnight, not so much for technical reasons, but to add a little ghoulish fun to the proceedings. We were all in good, humorous moods (no alcohol was involved, sadly), and sat patiently chatting about previous investigations. Then, suddenly, at 23:45: "Thunk!". A lichen covered branch, approximately 40cms long, appeared on the windscreen. George, justifiably annoyed, got out of the car and yelled into the woods "Oi, do you want to try that again", in a voice which hid his shock to great effect. There was no answer from the woods. So, we decided to start there and then, and make our way through the gate and into the inky darkness of the Kilminorth Woods…. I announce to the Dictaphone the time, the 'investigators' present, the location and the weather conditions. Before I can finish Matt whispers "What was that?" in a voice which stopped all of us in our tracks. Peering into the gloom, we all heard the sound of someone walking away from us, in a pace which suggested no urgency. I shone the torch along the wide tarmac path, but nothing was visible. We continued in silence.- I sensed George was not a happy bunny, so whispered an enquiry. He's wondering why we haven't mentioned the footsteps behind us. I had heard the occasional sounds behind us, but thought it may have been the wildlife. Shining the torch back along the path revealed nothing, and nerves were calmed again. This did not last for long. The sound of footsteps in the woods to our left side was alarming to say the least. I am not talking about the casual rustle of leaves made by a hedgehog, nocturnal dog walker or playful teenager. It was a rapid scampering made by something/someone who didn't seem to need a torch, or any light for that matter! This was when it first occurred to me that we may be making a mistake.  A truly disgusting moan is heard by all, coming from the path we have left behind. We must walk that path to return to the car. It is impossible to guess the sex of the source, but it was definitely human in origin. I say "human", but it had a curious quality I have not heard before, or since. Guttural, feral and nauseating. It becomes painfully obvious that we are delaying our return to the car through pure fear. It's time to make a move. Making our way across the open scrubland, we rejoin the foot of the path. In silence. 01:27 - The vocal sound again. This time it is further along the path, towards the entrance. It sounds like something attempting to speak, or communicate, but with no idea how to perform such a complex task. It was sickening and terrifying to hear, and lasted for a good 10 seconds. "Is that you making that sound?!" asks Matt. (He's braver than I am!). A branch is snapped, to our right, in the woods. A quick sweep of the torch reveals nothing. We proceed along the path