hope wood rothbury family/group sighting

i and two friends were in the south east of hope wood, in the hopes of catching a few rabbits or martins.  we were hunkered down at around 5.30am but a good moon and still dark, ideal stalking conditions, i noticed off to my right a shadow move across the tree to my left i nudged and motioned to my friends to look, and two more crossed to the left, they were hunched dark shapes about 4 or 5ft high, i got excited as i thought muntjack, at which point one of the figures stood up. it looked human but was no ranger, it was atleast 7ft tall, no sooner did i do a double take the two others stood as well and they walked off to the left into the dark.we heard a deep growl  we were just puzzled. but to wary to investigate further, im convinced it was not human, the frames were just  too large and they moved as if they were shadows..........i asked the witness if all figures were 7ft, he said they varied between 6 and 7ft.  were they a family or hunting party maybe after the same rabbits