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Two Golf ball Sized Red Eyes? What Spooked Those Deer, Penkridge. All my hairs on my arms stood on end

Could any of this be the work of the European Wildman, l'homme sauvage?

Shocking Truth about Bigfoot Structures and Teepees You Been Waiting For...

BBR investigations of Winter Hill and the Beast. Beware Graphic Images of Animal Mutilation.

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A Strange Light Seen at Merlins Bridge 2018

Behind the scenes Winter Hill Investigation

Paranormal Investigators find Human Remains whilst on an Investigation. 1/3/21

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Walkers find a Gruesome Deer Kill in the Kings Forest Suffolk. Wordwell Thetford. 28/3/21

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A Strange Large Hand Print found at Mulgrave Castle. 7/2/21

Two Doughnut shaped UFO's

OUT AND ABOUT - BBR Member Glen shows us his research areas.

Behind the Scenes - Borsdane Woods Investigation

Breaking News, The Winter Hill Beast Strikes Again.

Paranormal Nights with Deb. H, Deb. S and Stu Hill. Tonight 8pm GMT - BBR Live feed.

Pengy's Pond, We Saw a Serene Brilliant White Horned Creature. It had Coiled Horns on Its Head.

Horrified dog food factory worker ‘saw 7ft telepathic alien mantis’ while cycling home

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Fairies pixies & Shadow thieves of Scotland

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