Two Golf ball Sized Red Eyes? What Spooked Those Deer, Penkridge. All my hairs on my arms stood on end

Today we head back to Staffordshire and her wealth of Dogman and Red eyed Creature reports. Many of our witness reports here at BBR come in from people driving the roads. Long distance lorry drivers, white vans and all manner of vehicles driven on our roads at all hours of the day or night. In the area where a Bigfoot like Creature was spotted close to Staffordshire services comes another report of a possible red eyed creature, to be more precise the report is of two unexplained red orbs seen in dark woodland late at night.

Just two weeks after this report came in I took a report from Stone in Staffordshire of a red eyed Creature named by the witness of The Beast, the Beast he encountered was of Minotaur proportions and had red eyes. It was standing out in the roadway for all to see. With an arrogance emanating from it. Is this the same Creature that was seen only last month by our witness? 

This may be a coincidence but I also took another report yesterday of a possible Minotaur like Creature, all parties in both of the separate cases stated they could not tell if the thing they were seeing was a Dog or a Black Muscular Horse. They also saw pointed ears or horns on the heads of the Creature? I have also been receiving many 'red eyes' in the dark reports also from all across the UK.

Witness Report: "I am a Lorry Driver who uses the same M6 route through Staffordshire, this night due to a diversion I had to leave the M6 and take the alternative route past the Dalraddy Cottage Roundabout in Penkridge. I was driving on the A34, going northbound and this night was no different to any other until I wasnt to far from Cottage. As I approached the roundabout and just after Huntingdon is the sign for the Commonwealth War Cemetery, I saw something I can not explain as I passed the wooded area. It was late at night approximately 01:15 am on Thursday the 04/02/2021

As I was driving there were dark woodland and heath land on both sides of me and I was startled to see four Deer that were just standing there stationary in the road. That is really unusual behaviour for Deer and there were other drivers on the road waiting to pass. The Deer were herded together just on the other side of the roundabout. They didn't move out of the way, even from the path of an arctic lorry. I had to negotiate around them by going on the wrong side of the bollard and taking the lane on the opposite side of  the road. I was really confused about their behaviour, that is really out of the ordinary for Deer. 

I wanted to know what had them so interested that they wouldnt move even from traffic in the road? So I slowed right down and started looking to where the stationary Deer appeared to be staring. After a few seconds I saw something between two trees that were growing approx 5-5 feet apart. I looked at the two trees and between them I saw two red lights? At least I think they were lights? They were the size of golf balls, around 8 to 12 inches apart. I had a good eye level from where I was sitting in the lorry. I think I was approximately 10 feet off the ground. As I passed the Deer, they seemed to break their trance and scatter into nearby woodland.

I use this road regularly when the M6 is closed, it's always used as a diversion route, so I am really familiar with  it. I have seen wild animals close to the road before, but I dont know what those red globes were. It could have been eyeshine I suppose. Whatever it was, it spooked the Deer out of the woods onto a major road filled with traffic. It was dark and there could have been a serious accident"

I think I broke the stare between the Deer and the 'eyes' as I drove though. All my hairs on my arms stood on end at that moment. I can still remember that feeling even weeks later.

I went back looking for red lights or reflectors the very next day. I tried to debunk the whole incident, something must have been there and I was confusing it with possible eye shine. I was going to measure with a tape measure how high the red orbs were but I felt that feeling of complete dread and thought better of it, it was a 'sickly' feeling as if I wasnt welcome there. As I drive for a living I have a dash cam fitted in the cab. I checked the dash cam and it cuts out just before the roundabout and didnt come back on until much later. It has never malfunctioned before.

I went back on 18th of Feb and it felt different. I felt no bad feeling this time, just calm. There was still nothing visible in front of the tree. Where the eyes were below that was completely black, in daylight I should have been able to see trunk there or something in front of the tree but there wasnt anything to mistake for the red orbs?


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