Pengy's Pond, We Saw a Serene Brilliant White Horned Creature. It had Coiled Horns on Its Head.

Close to my home there is a wildlife nature reserve for wading and nesting birds called Pennington Flash, it's a beautiful place to visit. The Flash is an eco wildlife area which consists of a number of different sized lakes, ponds and habitats to suit all of the visiting birds that flock there. I visited on 9/1/21 to meet up with a young couple who had reached out to me on facebook because we dont live too far apart. Its a quick 15 min drive from my home, so we popped into the car and met at the carpark.

It was beautiful today, a real winter wonderland, the lakes were partially frozen and jack frost had left his artwork everywhere. Due to the slow movement of the main lake the ice there freezes in undulations. It's an amazing sight to see. We met up with our witnesses and walked the short distance to the smaller Pengy's pond where the couple had their encounter. It looked like a pond in the middle of an enchanted forest book, written many years ago. I had visions of faerie folk and all manner of Boggarts and Bullbeggars flitting about in the trees. 

Image taken by Mark Hatswell 9/1/21

Witness Report: "I contacted you Deb as myself and my Husband saw a brilliant white Ram, Im not sure how to describe It really, It was a horned animal. We were visiting Leigh Flash about 15 years ago, and we were near Pengy's Pond which is one of the smaller lakes on the flash. It is set up with bird watching blinds. The more I think about what we saw that day, the more I realise that It shouldn't have been there. We thought It was strange at the time and It actually ended our walk, we turned around and got back in the car and left, but we didn't really speak about it or pay it much attention after that. Now we feel differently about what happened and we would love to know if anyone else has seen something similar in this area or anywhere in the UK.

The Creature had a warm glow to it, like a candle. It's hair/fleece wasnt dirty or unkempt, it was pristine and white. It had coiled horns on Its head. My husband remembers seeing hair or fur which was long and almost like a mane around the head area. I can't say I remember that, but I just remember the coiled horns on the side of Its head, and It seemed to have a warm bright glow around It. It seemed to be on all fours when watched it drink. It wasnt a Stag or a Sheep or some other animal, we both could see it clearly. It was a lovely evening and the pond was still. I remember watching the water ripple as this Thing drank from the pond.

The Ram leaned down to the water to drink. It was very odd. The whole event was just odd too. Although we didnt feel scared or worried we did leave immediately as this Creature was so out of place and we were startled by the experience really. 

We have both had other strange experiences at our family home, and my Husband has been experiencing things since he was young. I have too but I have spent a long time closing it down as I found it overwhelming. Now I feel I can approach it with a different attitude and I feel much stronger after sharing what happened"

On Sunday 10/1/2021 our Investigation team Mick Mclaren and Carolan Smith visited the area to do our usual follow up area check when they had a very strange event take place. Below Mick explains to us what happened on the visit.

"I went out to Pennington Flash with Carolan just after lunch on Sunday. When we were there we heard a really strange growl, after returning home I checked the sightings map and this is another report close by where a man walking home was growled at from the bushes.

Carolan and myself parked in the last car park where there was a doughnut van, we faced the lake sitting in the car a few minutes to get a feel of the place. After a while we got out and my thoughts at the time was to head over first to the area of the sighting before looking anywhere else, we walked along past the play area and then took the path on the right and went to Pengy's hide, which was all locked up.

Image taken by Mick & Carolan

We then headed to the next hide along, Bunting hide. We decided to head down the little dirt track to our left at the hide. About 5 metres in on the fence is a sign asking people not to go beyond the fence, at this point we had a sense of energy change and a feeling of being tipsy and light headed. Here in this spot we both heard  a very low and unthreatening growl, almost like a "don’t come any closer growl" and it was coming from the other side of the fence, neither of us could see anything where the sound came from or heard anything moving around. We didn’t feel threatened in anyway and decided to carry on along the path on the right side of the fence.

We walked along the path until it was to muddy and wet, so we headed through a wooded area and came to the fence again which had been knocked down.

Image taken by Mick & Carolan

With the fence not standing we headed over towards the pond area near where the Ram sighting happened and we took a photo and headed back to the path. 

Image taken by Mick & Carolan

On our way back we came across a little tree structure, of which nothing else in the area we walked seemed out of place apart from this.

Image taken by Mick & Carolan

We then headed back so I could get this report over to you as quickly as possible. But not without getting some doughnuts for our journey home" Mick Mclaren & Carolan Smith.


  1. Tree structure: evidence of Bigfoot/Sasquatch activity.


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