The Dolgellau Howls 2016

I have lived in the countryside, most of my life, i know my herbs and can live quite happily outdoors, i have a wide knowledge of the UK fauna and flora and am an active learner of primitive skills. I camp wild alot so im used to the sound of the woods at night and her many nocturnal noises, and that is the reason these howls stood out to me, they were out of the ordinary. Much louder and with more resonance than anything i have heard before.

I don’t scare easily and can debunk most of what i come across outdoors, but on this occasion i have no explanation for what i heard.

I was camping just outside Dolgellau a few years ago and had a strange feeling i was being watched from the woods down by the river a feeling i couldn’t shake throughout the day, then about four in the morning we got woken up by what i can only describe as mournful howling. I have never heard anything like it before and live in the middle of nowhere surrounded by woodland so i know all the usual night sounds. I really would have investigated but we had our son with us, and he was much too young to leave alone. But it has left me wondering what it was. It was around 4am and was pretty much coming from the direction of the Valley. My partner heard it first and then woke me up, because he didn't know what it was either. It howled twice for about 5 seconds and then went quiet and then we heard another one that seemed further away. Long mournful howls in the night are not your usual UK wildlife noises.

The accounts of howls and screams go back along way in the Dolgellau area, but alas most get reported as "ghostly hounds" or "phantom humans" its people like this witness that can think outside the box and explore another avenue altogether.

D. Hatswell