friston forest 8ft man

2002 - LOCATION: Friston Park, Friston Forest, Newhaven - West Sussex. - NEWHAVEN BHM - One November morning at approximately 2.30am having parked his lorry in Friston Park near to Newhaven in Sussex, after a long drive, Mr Phil Hayman got out the vehicle to stretch his legs, a red light from a nearby forestry machine partally illuminated the area, when he saw a dark, eight foot figure which appeared at that time to be a man. Having had an army career, Mr Hayman was able to use his knowledge of night vision techniques to evaluate the encounter. Startled by the incident he suddenly jumped back into his cab as the cab door slamimed shut behind him. Although shaken by the ordeal, Mr Hayman still managed to grab his flashlight only to see the figure running off into the forest. "It couldn't have been a human being, as the skin would have shone in the light. This was a dull figure with no sheen to the skin, so, it could have possibly been covered with hair" He said. The creature according to Mr Hayman was Bipedal.Time: 02:30 hrs. 18th November, 2002