wistmans wood dartmoor

"wistman's woods on dartmoor is a very nice place many years ago i learned that dartmoor was originally covered in miniature oaks , which brought me to research the area its self . as a avid fan of the unknown i started looking and researching , on many camping trips there as a young one i used to find strange structures made from rocks and wood eg : a design like a mounding grave , lean twos and also trees bent in to to form a x shape . i have also been and looked around the caves in and around wistman's wood i dint not stay in them for very long as it felt like i was being watched , later in life i started to think about these things and read reports on forums and webpages about wild men living on the moorland ( Bigfoot). many people think of me and others that research and have had in counters raving mad , as a child and teenager i have had many dealings with strange going on's on dartmoor things i cant explain , being watched and the feeling of something being near,, dartmoor is a very wild place and could hold more then big cats etc , you never know wot or who is out there."