Prt 1 - Cannock Chase, a Black Liquid Sphere and 'Tic-Tac' shaped Craft. This House has Shadow Figures.

Natalia & Peter Moore are investigating this case on behalf of BBR. They have travelled down to speak with Rich about his earlier experiences and the latest event that just happened at Cannock. Then they travelled to Cannock Chase and interviewed him in the area where he saw this strange morphing object. As with most witnesses this gentleman has had other strange events and witnessed UFO and crafts, spirit and had some supernatural experiences and he kindly spoke about these events during the interview.

Natalia and Peter will continue their investigations at Cannock and are planning to meet up with some of the other experiencers who live close by.

Witness Report: Richard J- Cannock Chase, 21/11/19- "You mentioned in a Youtube comment that you would like me to share some of my experiences, I think I would like to start sharing now and see if anyone has had similar ones to me. I have have a plethora of experiences growing up as a child, into adulthood and even all the way up to present day.

Ive seen countless Ufos with friends and family even Iv caught one or two on camera, Ive seen strange sky anomalies through my telescope which I can't explain because it's not anything Ive seen in my personal research on space and various strange phenomena. Also I've got some accounts from family members who were witnesses to the Green man or The Woodwoose in the chase. I have also experienced strange shadow figures in the home.

"It was around November 2019 and  my partner had taken up a new hobbie where she dries out flowers and puts them in silicone moulds and cast them to make jewellery, well anyway she asked me to take her to the chase to collect some wild holly and ferns, I agreed as its only 6 miles or so away from where we live, we dropped the kids off to their nans and off we went. It was a cold but mostly clear day and the chase was thriving with your usual walkers and cyclists. I told my partner I know of a couple of places where people dont go, as its really difficult to get to, so we agreed on one of them and set off. Ive been there before and seen some strange tree breaks, I really just wanted to go back to check those out again but I never told her that me being a typical man.

We got to the location at the top of a hill thats covered with great big Pine trees to one side and the other side has a natural wooded area leading down a slight glen which is all untouched and unwalked. We walked along until I found a game trail I knew of that would lead us down. It was really slippy as it must have frosted the night before so I kept telling her to mind her step and hold on as her footwear was not the best. We reached the bottom of the glen and I found the tree I had seen in the previous months with my friend that I wanted to check out and she just foraged while I was doing what I thought was an investigation without her knowing.

We spent roughly half an hour down there and then we were ready to head home, so we walked back up this crazy slippy trail. We got 3/4 of the way up and the whole time I was holding her and guiding her so she didnt fall back and have an accident. I remember looking back at her to guide her up. I turned around and looked up the bank and I saw something move? I dont know what It was, It looked like a Black Liquid Sphere. This Sphere was very dark in colour almost like oil morphing in water. If you can picture it about the size of an apple, shoot across from one side of the game trail to the other, actually disturbing the ferns as it crossed. I rushed up to see what it was because I knew instinctively it was not an animal or a creature. 

I tried to look without forgetting about my partner being stuck holding on the bank trying not to fall, so I dived back down to help her. I asked her "did you see that"? She said "no" but agreed on hearing the rustling through the sleeping vegetation. It was so frustrating to be feeling yet again like the crazy person. Deb the strangest thing was It seemed intelligent to me due the fact when I saw it gently leaving the fern, in a split second it was like It realised I had seen It and then It sped up almost like one of those hover flies that look like wasps as I reacted to it. I know for definite what I saw Debbie it was no biological creature as I can't rationalise It with what wildlife live out there. To this day Im still trying hard to figure it out, trying to get opinions but really I know it was a sphere of some sort, It really blew my mind.

Best regards

Rich. J

During the interview our witness spoke about the other strange experiences he and his family members had in the Cannock Chase Area. Rich has experienced a number of strange crafts, on a couple of occasions they were shaped like spheres, 3 spheres together side by side. On other occasions the craft were 'tic tac' shaped, like a cigar almost. Fortunately for Rich on most of these occasions he has had members of his family and some of his friends with him. He has managed to catch some of the strange crafts of video.

Over the years Rich has also witnessed shadow people around the home. He also has a very early memory of a similar figure that would visit him in his room at night. He remembers he was only around 4 yrs old at the time. One night in a previous home it was time for tea. Everyone got settled at the table and Rich's partner asked for the sauce. Rich went into the kitchen to get the sauce for her and laid out on the floor were knives, forks, spoons and other bit of cutlery. They were out of the draws and layed out in an arched pattern on the floor.

On another occasion a huge shadow figure was seen moving upstair. Rich rushed upstairs to check on the children and everyone was fast asleep. His family have heard shuffling or dragging feet that sound similar to an old person walking, they also heard a female moan. Rich did state that none of the activity feels negative for the majority of the time, there have been one or two moments when he felt completely filled with dread for no reason at all.