The Sedona Desert Phantom

Pictures are from Ghosts of London and from Momo Ramad, submitted to Halo Paranormal Investigations for analysis.  From what I can tell these photos are legit.  The outline is quite unusual and some people see the outline of a Bigfoot.  Could this possibly be a Bigfoot manifesting in the Sedona Desert?  Or could this be an apparition of a deceased person?  Let’s see what Ghosts of London has to say about these photos.
“Paul, the owner of this photo, makes claim that the photos were taken at the Sedona desert.  You can clearly see the “spirit being” standing next to the ancient rock formation. As if protecting the sacred ground upon which he stands.   The set of two photos show the figure clearly forming within the small rock wall. the photographer told us they were well off the beaten path and he felt “the hair rise on his neck.” He took two photos near the rock formation and this is what appeared.”
There are many mysteries surrounding the Sedona Desert.  People make claim that they feel like they are in surreal surroundings when they walk in this desert.  Some people have seen portals open up.  I have written previous articles about Sedona.  You can find my article on the Invisible Porcupine Man of the Sedona Desert here:   and you can find my article called Mystical Supernatural Forces in Sedona at the Costa Rican Times, seen here:
From the Paranormal Hotline:
Jason Bogmen from Las Vegas says that in 1989, he visited Sedona with his wife and 2 children.  While camping out in the desert, they encountered a fleet of UFOs zooming through the sky and one UFO became stationary and sent down a beam of light towards the ground.  Jason said that the light was light blue and the light went down, until it touched the ground.  The light did not go straight to the ground like a regular light.  The light came to an end mid-air and then the light was lowered to the ground and made a sweep, as if the ground was being scanned.  The scanning of the ground lasted about 8 seconds and then “poof” the light was turned off.  The UFO was there for a 1/2 second and then completely vanished.  The fleet of UFOs were also gone.  
Maggie Sterner of Wisconsin while visiting Sedona with her girlfriend Julie E. says that while hiking in Sedona, they came to part of the trail that looked as if it had a pane of glass blocking the trail.  They thought it was very unusual.  Both women felt dizzy.  As they looked at the aberration on the trail, Julie E. placed her hand through the aberration and her hand vanished.  When she brought her hand back out, everything was normal.  The aberration on the trail just melted away.  Both women noticed they were missing 2 hours of time.  Special Note:  I believe that Maggie and Julie E. experienced the Oz Effect or also known at the Oz Factor.  The “pane of glass” aberration may have been some kind of portal that would have taken the 2 women from our reality into another reality.  During this odd experience that they were having, they may have been abducted for 2 hours and not have known it.  When I visited Sedona during my time at Fort Huachuca, my head felt very cloudy as I explored one of the trails.  My daughter Illianna Vega lives in Arizona and she finds Sedona to be a mystery, a mystery that needs to be investigated by a team of scientists.  What is causing all of the unusual paranormal disturbances in this area?  
I found this on the “Verde Valley Bigfoot: The Missing 411” website:  “It appears the Verde Valley is the area where more people are vanishing than anywhere else. To think Arizona ranks as being one of the highest in the United States than this should raise some alarms and questions. Is the Verde Valley region one of the highest ranking in the United States for disappearances and why?
The high number of missing persons per capita reportedly going missing is alarming enough on its own merit but to find out the Sedona/Verde Valley area is the hotspot to vanish is a completely different story. Something appears to be happening to people in the region and nobody is or has been talking about it until now.
The most startling detail released by David Paulides and his team was a connection made through research very odd mysterious disappearances are taking place in areas where there is ironically found the name “devil.” On Coast to Coast AM Paulides stated:
“A lot of people over the last 5 years we’ve done research on have disappeared in those geographical areas where there’s devil in the name. The people I am around everyday I work with we look each other in the eye sometimes and can’t believe what we have found.”
What is happening at Sedona?  We need to find out.  Over 2000 people have vanished in Arizona and many of those people vanished in Verde Valley / Sedona.  Why are these people vanishing?
By Paul Dale Roberts aka The Demon Warrior


  1. I find this interesting, having seen and photo'd spirits, usually unintentionally over the years. This looks legit. Spirits do hang out or protect ancient sites, cemeteries, ancient or modern. for what ever reason, and the fact of feeling energy at the same time.
    sounds like it all adds up. A ghost / spirit, watching over a site. or maybe this is where it died. and hanging around. could have lots of theory on the whys.
    But very similar to what I have caught in the past. Interesting it is.

    1. I think its the same for our Cryptid Creatures too as they are usually found in all the same places. I wonder if the place is drawing them in like a magnet, or emitting an energy they can sense and also us perhaps?


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