Footprint Find. Mourne Mountai Footprint Find.

I like to walk the mountain ranges and I go out as many times as possible during the year. Even in bad weather you can still enjoy the beauty and the wildness of the area around Slieve Bearnagh. I was out over the Xmas period when I found this foot print which I thought to be very odd and strange considering it looks like a bare foot print and the conditions were not really the best for running barefoot.

In the first image you see the print as I found it.

In the second image I place my my size 11 boot into the snow above it for comparison. It may be a new type of runner but if it is I seen no other print in front or behind this one.

Yellow Warning Weather reports for the area were issued on Xmas Eve due to snow and low visibility throughout the week. There are other reports of strange creatures in the area the print was found.


  1. I think that by a process of elimination, the circumstantial evidence says "Forest Folk",
    but why only the one print is a mystery, even if it only had one leg, there would still be other prints as it hopped along the trail.
    Louie x


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