The naked Sleeping Mud Covered Man and Leg Bones in a Shoe. The Moose-Pig Monster.

I received a report from a gentleman who walks his dogs in the Forest of Dean most days and he has had a number of weird and unexplained encounters. One of which stood out to me as really strange and perhaps a little unnerving?

"One early summer's morning in the Forest of Dean approximately 4.30 am I was out with my dogs and it was a good hour before I encountered another person, While I was out there I became aware of a large black dog that was watching me from the tree line - and yes it probably was just a dog, but what was it doing out on it's own at that time with no owner around. It didnt approach me but just sat there, in the tree line, watching me, long enough for me to take a photo on my phone. There was something strange about this incident that I can not really explain?

“Not so long after this event I was out early again in the woods near Drybrook in the Forest, I was doing my usual dog walk and moving at a steady pace, it was just getting light as I was walking (and yes, it had been a full moon the night before) when on a forest track, I came across a man dressed only in boxer shorts & covered in mud, fast asleep on the path.  He was just laying there in the dirt, and he seemed to be asleep? The dog I was with at the time, an elderly Staffie, wouldn't go near him. I couldn't help thinking about the classic werewolf scenario where the person wakes up in the woods with no memory of what had happened. We promptly left the area. But as you know this is not the only strange experience I have had down there.
There have been many, historical and more recent reports of mysterious creatures living in the woods especially around the Parkend area. One notable example is the ‘The Beast of Dean’ which was also given the name  ‘Moose-Pig’. Long before reintroduction of wild boar in the area, an animal said to resemble a boar but large enough to crush hedges and make trees fall lurked in the depths of the woods as it thunders through the foliage.  There are numerous cases of missing people and unidentified remains being discovered within the forest. 

Remains found in the Forest of Dean
A Male aged 45 to 65 has been discovered in the Forest of Dean. He is described as white European and was around 183cm in height. He would have had a medium build. There is no clue to the man's identity or how he passed away. Police are unsure if this is a natural death. He was wearing green khaki tweed trousers, a light shirt and brown shoes, glasses. He did have a number of personal items with him when he was found stated the police, his glasses, leather wallet, scissors, nail file, remains of clothing, a small photo album with the photos destroyed, pen and pre-decimal coins.
Body of 'hiker or rambler' found near Cinderford
A Male aged 25 to 60 has been found in a Forested area close to Cinderford.  Said by police to be of white European heritage and around 178cm tall with a medium build. He was believed to have been dead for around two-and-a-half years. He may be a hiker or rambler. Police are struggling to identify this man and have no idea how he died or why he was in the Forest. He was said to be wearing a green jumper, grey slacks, striped shirt and brown shoes. His possessions included a Penknife with 'M Tucker' scratched into the handle, a map, plastic bottle of lemon squash, scissors, toothpaste, electric razor, insect repellent, magnifying glass, toothbrushes, travelling alarm clock, rucksack.
Bones found on public footpath near the River Severn
A Trainer with a sock with the remains of bones inside it have been found on a public footpath adjacent to the River Severn at Odda's Chapel. The police can only identify the gender of the remains and have nothing to explain this mysterious find. The Trainer was a Blue Van vision skate shoe. This model of trainer was first manufactured in the US and also sold in the UK in 2006. Police do not know the age of the male or any description.

Also in the area are a number of very strange creatures, Whoops, Canine like Creatures, an Invisible stalker. A gentleman on his way to work made this report. Simon Austin from Coleford near Gloucester, I have lived here all my life . I never knew where to report my encounter until a friend of mine told me about Mark Farnell a friend of his who follows sightings of unexplained creatures like Bigfoot.
I work in Staunton, one morning I woke at 05.00am and got myself ready for work. As I was driving down Scowles road heading for the A4136 highway, keeping in mind there was very little to no traffic I approached a left turn junction, near Stowfield quarry at that point my car was hit by a small log or branch. In shock I looked to my right from where the sound emitted from and what I saw was frightening to say the least.

I witnessed a creature sprinting towards me on all fours; at least that’s what I thought until it came closer. It was running on two legs but low to the floor. It resembled a dog but had a long snout but was much taller and was very thin. I accelerated off as fast as I could. 
The creature was black in colour and had frosted eyes. I have never seen anything like this before and hope I don’t see it again. 


  1. Hi Debs, I think the naked, sleeping, mud covered man is the end result of a 'Stag night' (Bachelor party [US] / Buck's night [AUS]) prank. That was probably the poor Groom laying there asleep in a drunken stupor !!
    It is also apparent that now you have done Cannock and Thetford, that the Forest of Dean area follows nicely as your next video presentation and third in an offering of the Mysterious forests of Britain.
    Hugs. Louie. xx

  2. Also, Debs, if you manage to do a sequence of half a dozen or so British forests, then you have the basis of a cracking book that would take you off the specialist shelves and into mainstream book stores.......Just a thought.........The Mysterious Forests of Britain by Debbie Hatswell.
    Move over J.K. Rowling !!
    Louie xx


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