Winter Solstice and the Woodwose

As I wash the smoke from my clothes and hair, 
And wipe the soot on my cheeks,
I say goodbye to my Woodwose friend, 
As he will be gone from me for weeks.

As Frost moves in on the longest day,
And the celebration Fires wane,
His kind regroup, rejoice, renew
And there they will remain.

With the early buds and the scent of spring
Fresh life, fresh energy does bring
The Winter comes to it's close
Back to the woods, comes the Wose.

The connection made it never breaks
Regardless of space or time.
He is he, I am me 
And together we entwine

As different as Fire and Ice
But twinned together through this life
He waits for me, as I wait at home
Always together, never alone
He has a message you should hear
As he shouts it loud and clear
This Earth belongs to you and I
And all our voices should joins this cry.

Protect and Nourish, Heal and Tend
Before our World begins to end
An Earth as Fragile as a Rose
Listen to the Wise Old Wose.

Deborah Crossley Hatswell

Solstice 2019


  1. Just utterly beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful poetry with us Debs.
    Big hugs. Louie. xx


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