A Lost Purse leads to Strange Sickly Creature Sighting in the Chilterns.

Many people find it hard to believe that as a child I would approach other people and ask them if they had seen the same impossible creature as me, some people are reluctant to do this even as adults. They also find it hard to believe that it would eat away at you, as it did for me, surely you just forgot about it? is what Im usually asked. Iv always tried to explain how normal it was for me to ask people, and how not getting an answer made things much harder.  I was always hoping the next adult would say "oh I know exactly what you saw, its not what you think, it was merely a" but that never happened. I dont mind these questions about my honesty, its a very big ask, now as an adult I can see why I wasnt believed. I knew there would be others even back then and I would find them.  What I didnt know was just how many, and how the Universe seemed to bring me in to contact with them. This next report is a prime example that answers all of the above.

One of the questions Im asked the most is where do I find my accounts. Often I dont find 'them' at all they seem to find me, some how, some way, It has happened so many times now I have stopped questioning Why? I really believe in some of these cases serendipity is at play. The Universe is making her move, putting her pieces into place. A very good example of that is what happened this week starting on 3rd December 2019
I went out shopping for food as you do, and as we were driving home on our normal route I spotted a purse in the middle of the road next to the Petrol Station.  I felt compelled to get it before someone ran over it, or worse took it for themselves. We went to the Petrol attendant and I left my number on a piece of paper. Then Mark my husband went around to all the local shops and the GP surgery leaving our number in case the owner was local and would retrace her steps at some point.  Something kept on at me all day to find her as she needed the purse back for sentimental reasons. Sadly that didnt work so I rang the police, the advice was to take it to the local station, something told me not too and just to hold on to it until the morning just in case she rang my phone. So I rang the police back and left a voice message as the station is not manned. They did ring 48 hrs later but we had returned it to the owner by then.
My Daughters suggested Facebook and I posted a pic of the purse on there and asked people to share it.  It worked a treat which was great as she lived about 35 miles away and was not local to me at all. She messages and said she was shocked I had tried so hard to find her as she had given up on humanity after an earlier loss a few months ago.  
As I was chatting through messenger arranging to post it back she went quiet.  She came back about 10 mins later and said she had checked me out as she was so shocked Id gone out of my way to find her to return the purse.  She said straight away after seeing some of my articles that 14 years ago she saw something close to home that she could not explain and knows of a few others who have also seen 'it' too.
Talk about serendipity. It always happens like this for me. The Lady had filled up with petrol in our next town over and left her purse on the car roof, and without realising she drove off with the purse still on the roof.  I just know that purse had a little push as I was driving up the road. She didnt drive near my petrol station and can not explain as she didnt drive through my town? Here is the report in her own words. We are very lucky that the witness kept a journal at the time and still had the entry she had written describing the event. It happened 14/5/2006

16/5/06 - A couple of days ago it was a nice day so I decided to get off the bus early and walk back home because I didn't have any homework or anything to rush home for. I went the usual route via the golf course so I could roll down the hill. I had heard the big cat rumours from around the course and its golfers but I wasn't scared. I love cats and London zoo had denied they had an escaped animal so I thought nothing more of it. I thought the golfers were all just making it up for some publicity stunt to get more members to join as they had been talking about a cat being seen up there.

I never thought for a moment it was maybe real, I was sure it was complete BS. Until I saw the yellow eyes glaring at me, but I've never seen a cat that big. 'He' was either poorly or not a panther at all, 'he' was mangy like a feral fox like the ones that visit Linda's, but 'it' was about a 100 times bigger than a fox, 'it' was grey and the eyes were not catish in any way. The 'thing' looked more like some sort of love child between a wolf and a panther. But not cute and fluffy at all 'it' was really fugly. I remember 'it' had a lump between 'it's' shoulders 'It' was obviously scared and poorly but what could I have done? I thought I was brave until that moment but instead I nearly cried. I thought I could cope with 'it' and if 'it' looked like a cat I could have but 'that' was not a cat.

27th May 2006 - I bumped into a guy called Mike and his buddy George who were playing golf on the course. I told them about what I saw and asked if they had seen 'it'. Mike swore he saw "the panther from London zoo" but he said 'it' didn't look like a cat either. His mate said we were both mad but I knew, and he knew, and we both believed each other.

2nd June 2006 - The more I think about things the less sure I am that 'it' was a cat. I've been looking online to match what I saw but Im not finding cats with yellow or orangey eyes, non that have circles of colour anyway? I'm confused. Was I seeing things? Maybe there's a gas leak making people go mad and I'm one of them? My Dad keeps saying the zoo are denying 'it' because 'it' might kill somebody but I think they're telling the truth because what I saw couldn't have been a panther 'it' wasn't even the right shape and 'it' didn't look nice. Dad said that's because it's roaming but loads of roaming cats still look cute and they also look like cats. He tried to say 'it' was a murderer in a mask to scare me but that's probably more true than a panther just walking loose. The 'thing' I saw had a hunch on its back between the shoulders and was upright on its back legs.
As I was reading my journal after all this time it took me back to that day. I remember so clearly what it was like seeing 'it'. The feelings I felt, I've never been scared like that since. I felt sick and I remember running and almost going straight through the style instead of climbing over it I was so scared. When I was little, as young as two, I saw a wolf in my room, my parents called it the 'imaginary wolf' and every night my Dad would use an imaginary lead to take 'it' out of my room so I could sleep, I wonder if these two events are connected. 'His' eyes are what I remember the most, they were this amber orange colour. When I think of 'him' now Im always reminded of the Lion that is on the Lyons Syrup Tin.

Also in the Area Four Ashes Road. In 1986 a witness saw a man dressed all in green and standing well over 6-feet tall. He was reported to have stepped into the road, glared and disappeared. Several other witnesses reported the same thing.

Footsteps on the Gravel, High Wycombe Rail Station: The sound of someone walking along the stones on which the track lies have been investigated by several staff who expected to find a trespasser at a station in High Wycombe. No one was ever found and the footsteps continue to be heard at night.

Something in the shadows throwing things? The Chilterns May 2017: I have camped out in many places overnight and spent hundreds of days out in the woods in the search of Britain's Large Cats. I know the diverse habitats in the UK and I understand how large intelligent animals can stay hidden from people and thrive quite easily. I'm used to bush crafting and nature's structures and even I am finding things I can't explain away, Like the night in question, I'm not claiming 'it' was a wildman or a cat, I'm simply stating some very strange things happened that night, that I can not explain.

I am curious though, because about 5 months ago I had a very scary experience while solo wild camping over some baits in the valley trying to film big cats. I had set all this up earlier leaving a trail and bait pile of raw meat, and I was just waiting in the hope of luring something in. I had settled down at camp by the fire and was sat quietly and I noticed I wasn't alone anymore, at first I sensed it, but after a while 'it' seemed like something would approach me to within perhaps 20 metres and go back again, I could hear breaking sticks and ground movement and I actually thought something was throwing things in my direction. It really sounded like something was throwing branches to get my attention, and whatever 'it' was, 'it' stayed just out of sight of the fire, there were no lights and when I would shine my torch to the area I thought the sticks were coming from, nothing could be seen.

It was very strange and I thought at first somebody was having me on, it's a long walk there and back for a prank, but I was certain “someone” was there, I actually would shout out to “it” and bark at 'it' with my best dog impression, I kept thinking 'it' was a poacher. Eventually all activity stopped and went quiet, so I settled down for the night. 
Later on that night I heard a huge bang and a crash. I thought it was a gunshot, but thinking about it now I think it was a tree limb being whacked against another tree. I got up and ran out of there! I went back to get my stuff the next day, the camp was fine and nothing was touched. I was camping in The Chilterns and was in Mantles Wood near Missenden Buckinghamshire. 

These reports are not much of a walk away from the River Thames and all of her connecting streams and tributaries. Making a very easy route for something to move around in and call home.  

Our first witness has asked me to reach out to the gentleman she met on the golf course, one of them Mike had also seen the creature and she wonders if he is out there and would share his story too.  If you are from the area and know of these incidents, or know anything about the golf course area in regards to strange activity please get in touch and I can pass on your valuable information to the witness.

Deb. x