The Large Hominid of Loscar Wood Sighting 2014

Report from witness: It was 11.15pm when i was driving home after a days fishing, i fished for most of the day and packed up when it was getting dusk, I was driving along and as i  passed Loscar Wood located closely to and once part of Sherwood Forest, next to the gate I saw a huge hair covered figure, just huge, he was  standing on two legs, I slammed on the brakes and reversed but this hominid creature (i dont know what else to call it) had gone. No sign of it anywhere, i put my foot down and got home as quickly as i could. 

The Witness did return some time later with Adam and Paul Bird to do an investigation and a report on site, he didn't really feel he could add anymore and was not happy being in the area again. There are other  encounters of the wildman very close by, and even a report of a father and son.