Simlish Dog Lady Hoax, Researchers Speak out on Claires Hoax

I have been contacted by a number of people who have been duped and lied to by our well known English Hoaxer Claire Hague aka nancy marie ogley, claire leigh hague, and many other names to boot.  Heres is what two very upset and annoyed victims had to say.

 Hi Debbie thank you for allowing me this opportunity. Here is my statement.

Hello Everyone, I go by the name Q.. For a long time I stayed out of this Simlish Doglady mess. I'm not a fan of drama, and live a quiet life. I for one figured she'd eventually get exposed. Anyone whom is a researcher, or experiencer that has been around these creatures knew Claire was not being honest.  It was brought to my attention that Claire was being exposed this past week, and I found a video made by Debbie in which I saw a screen shot of Claire blaming my good friend Danielle Steadman. Danielle is NOT a hoaxer, and had an encounter with a dogman when she was 14. Danielle has a show called Dogman Diaries. People must keep in mind that when people do shows it's damn near impossible to give people  a screening to see if they are being completely honest. To begin I'd like to say a few things about Danielle Steadman. Danielle is a pure sweetheart, with a big heart, she is nothing but a nice person whom loves her fans, and has nothing but respect for others.  Danielle wanted to help people, and I can attest that me, and Danielle have both helped people whom have problem creatures. When I say helping people, some people when they have problem creatures have no one they can turn to, the least that can be done is to remove the fear surrounding these creatures of the unknown. People go from being afraid to ignoring the creatures lurking around their homes. Danielle, and me both met Claire around the same time, and neither of us knew anything about her past. We had no idea that she'd been called out before. When we first met Claire she came across as someone whom was having dangerous encounters with Dogman Creatures. We didn't know her, we had no reason to doubt her. We took things very seriously because she had children. Everyone deserves a chance. Well Claire began sending us pictures, we had no idea that they belonged to others. One picture in particular belonged to a gentleman named John Ck, whom I found this out from Debbie. We didn't know anyone from the Uk. Well Claire went on 3 episodes of Danielle's show as a guest. And on that show you can see John Ck's picture she used (episode 6), and tried to pass off as hers. Our time with Claire did not last very long. It began with other people catching her in lies. Such as a magic book she proclaimed to have been an old book belonging to one of her relatives. She posted a picture of this book, and someone on a facebook page saw it, and posted a link to the same book on We didn't want to bust her out until we caught her red handed, and had undeniable proof she wasn't telling the truth. Claire went onto one of Danielle's show (episode 7 part 1) and used sound effects from the movie "American Werewolf in London". It's fair to say anyone into the dogman subject is a fan of werewolf movies, and that movie is one I've seen countless times. Before she did this show Claire was playing the sounds from the movie. The sound effects from the movie can be downloaded from the Internet as a soundboard. Do a google search, and anyone can find these same sound effects. I asked her if she was watching the movie, and she told me she'd never seen it. I didn't think she'd go on a show, and use those sounds. This was the time I began to question things as she told me it was a recording of a dogman. After Episode 7 went up Danielle contacted me not long after the show went live, and a fan of the show sent her a link to the wolf sound effect that was used before the American Werewolf sound effects. Danielle asked Claire about it, and she stuck to her guns the sounds were real. Things started going downhill after the last episode Claire had been on. Danielle began pulling away from her because she was no longer trusting her. Claire stated that she refused to keep going on the show, and giving her information and this is a lie. Danielle was making Claire a co host, and letting her take some charge of the show. Not too long after that Danielle was visiting a relative, and Claire had sent her some kind of rude message. Danielle left to come back home to address Claire. I can't remember the exchanges between the two but Claire said some really nasty things to her, and sent her some rude text. Danielle may still have proof of these. The next day Claire's husband went onto facebook and announced they they'd been recording our phone calls without our permission. I completely cut off contact with Claire after this, and this was the end of September.  Danielle had problems with another Guest prior to Claire so she was already planning to quit. Well Danielle went into a state of seclusion, and she wouldn't talk to anyone hardly. She left her show. And the fact is Claire used Danielle to get subscribers, and mocked, and laughed at the pain she'd caused Danielle. I'm the person she's accusing of copyrighting her pics, and this is a lie. Not one of Claire's pics were copyrighted. She owns ALL her pictures.  I'm not going to have her throwing me, or Danielle under the wheels because she's getting exposed. Danielle has no knowledge that she's being blamed right now. I've been trying to contact her, and haven't gotten any response from her. I know that her father has been ill, and she may be dealing with that. The last image Claire sent me was the image belonging to Dale O'dell, and this was when I knew she was full of crap. I had seen the image before online, I just couldn't place where I'd seen it. One of the last conversations  with Claire I asked her about this image, she told me on the phone it  was an image she'd taken years ago. I forwarded the email to Debbie in which Claire sent me this image. After a couple of weeks after contact with Claire had been cut off, I found the pic she'd sent me on a Bigfoot DNA website. I recently also contacted Dale O'dell whom is a very nice guy, and gifted artist to let him know Claire had been sending his image to people in private. Claire sent Dale's image to another person whom I won't name because the want nothing to do with this.  I want people to know that neither I, or Danielle have nothing to do with Claire, and she is the one whom has dug herself in the hole she is currently in, and that Danielle never did anything to her. Danielle let the situation go, and moved on some time ago as did I. I was shocked to see that almost 6 months after the fact she is trying to blame anyone to take the focus off herself. In terms of Claire being harassed. When things first hit the fan I had Danielle post a statement on her facebook in which I asked the public NOT to bully Claire. And  in the same statement I asked that people judge her so called evidence for themselves. So I never even so much as called Claire a fake. That statement can probably be found on Danielle's facebook page. As of now there is so much visual proof that proves everyone's case against Claire. So yeah some of her images are real....they obviously belong to other people. Dale is an artist whom will tell you that his images are art. It's not fair that so many people are being dragged down because of Claire. And not one person has known they were even involved in this crazy situation until recently. I'm sure John Chicks had no knowledge, Dale O'dell also really had no idea his image was being used, Danielle has no idea she's being blamed, and as for me I just found this stuff out this past week. Thank you to Deborah for bringing this to light because a lot of people would have never known otherwise.  Her gig is up, and she needs to take responsibility for what she's done, stop playing the victim like she always does, and just admit she's wrong. Which she never will. People like her give REAL researchers, and people whom have encounters a bad name.

It seems no matter how many people come forward and expose the hoax, the lies continue on a daily basis. I did contact Claire by email myself and asked her to remove the channel before i released this statement, her answers was more lies. I offered her the chance to go away silently and we would let the matter lie, alas her ego demanded more attention.  Now lets hear from Dale Odell

Screenshot 2017-03-28 at 23.03.51.png

Deborah, thank you for posting this!  Just to be Very Clear, the email in the video preceding the still photo of "Bigfoot" at 1:06 is mine and the email is authentic.  The photo is NOT AUTHENTIC.  My "Bigfoot" picture is an ILLUSTRATION and was NEVER intended to be published or presented as REAL.  The claims of "simlish dog lady" (AKA: CH) are RUBBISH!  I made the image in 2008 and have an actual certificate of copyright from the U.S. Library of Congress when I registered the copyright.  So, yeah, I've got the documentation to prove the picture is solely mine.  The particular image is available from the UK based stock photo agency, Alamy, for licensed commercial publication.  Simlish Dog Lady could only obtain an authorised copy from or directly from me.  Obtaining ANY other copies of the image are unauthorized, not paid for, and violate my copyright.  The "Simlish dog lady," you may have noticed, is NOT a very good photographer.  Look at my image, it's clear & sharp.  I recommend viewing all of "simlish dog lady's" photos with extreme suspicion and analyze them carefully --if she presents any photos of high quality, those are probably mine or stolen from somebody else.  It really pisses me off when HOAXERS like the "simlish dog lady" steal my pictures!  Google my name, Dale O'Dell, find my website and SEE for yourself all of my NOT REAL cryptid illustrations.

Screenshot 2017-03-28 at 23.04.20.png

I'm very happy to see this because hoaxes are detrimental to the legitimate scientific study of this phenomena. Even if the "Simlish dog lady" had an actual sighting (or attack) she's lost ALL credibility because she's a thief and a liar by stealing MY illustration and passing it off as her own.  DON'T believe her!  I'm Dale O'Dell, that's my photo above, and it's NOT REAL! 

I have no doubt claires lies will continue, whilst people continue to defend her and her bogus claims, people having their work stolen, lied about, lost radio shows and friends and put her own family through hell for youtube likes and ticks.  Each time you post share or like you encourage this behaviour and help in the spreading of lies.  NONE of us doubt that dogmen and bigfoots do exist, what we do doubt is anything that come from the Simlish Dog Lady. for the video


  1. She's now on YT a dieing fae witch. Ruining friendships with lies, no proof whatsoever. Cyber bullying is now on her list of accomplishments.

    1. Thanks for letting me know. I will do what I can to stop this. my email is if you want to contact me.

  2. Someone needs to do an UPDATE, AS SHE HAS MANY DIFFERENT YOUTUBE CHANNELS, AND STILL LIES DAILY ABOUT BEING A WiTcH, when in fact she is a Pathetic Lying B****, using Medical Records to say she is dying, when she doesn't sound or look sick at all.

  3. Hi I'm known to Deborah. My name is Nicky I have my own you tube channel and Claire Hague nearly destroyed me. When all I ever showed her was love kindness and compassion. I had her in my home for 4 days welcomed her into my life. At this time we were all told by Claire she only had 6 months left to live. Only a week after she went home. She went onto a friend of mines livestream and turned it into a witch hunt. Told lies that she caught me using drugs in my bathroom. Said I was a big shop lifter. Then went to another friend t hat believed her at the time that I was a drug user she recorded a video chat between us a week before staying at my home. Why?? You may ask why record me because I have been very unwell and don't look the best through GENUINE illness I have. She gave this video to my frievd who then he done a video about me for Claire showing how bad I looked which made him believe Claire. Then the same day she done a livestream crying telling everyone a massive amount of lies. She went and added everyone off my friends list on Facebook. Well I have done videos exposing her lies. She's tried putting curses on me recently. And ha now got a brand new auidiance around her feeding her lies and fantasies. She does very sexual livestreams looks high as a kite sprawling herself on her bed saying she's a qualified sex therapist lol. 🤣 And a qualified councilor and works on palliative care. She needs to be stopped because someone is going to get hurt. I wanted to ebd my own life after what she done to me. I lost everyone off my channel. She's is frequenting new channels that think she's wonderful because she throws money at them all. Anyway I just though people should see this up to date version of her now. She's loving it in her element allowing her to fantasies more as they keep feeding her.


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