Research, how to start and how to chose your research technique

There is a myth with bigfoot research that you are of either one of two types of researcher, The Mainstream bigfooter or The Flute Player, i have walked both of these paths because i don't feel it is as cut and dried as that at all.   We each hold a tiny piece of a huge puzzle and buy keeping both sides at opposing ends of the spectrum, to me means we may miss what's in between, it is not all about what we think, it's about what is.  We can have as many theories as we like, but we may all be wrong about some of the things and right about others, and by swapping information between both parties a lot more can be learned regardless of opinion.  Sometimes your research takes a turn in its path, what you start out thinking may change over time, Knowledge weighs nothing as my grandmother said “always carry it with you”  so learning as many things as you can from both side of the research philosophies may help you find what works for you.

I am often asked how to research, where to start and how to go about it,  firstly that depends on what you want from the research itself, if it's a knowledge or an understanding about the Forest Folk and their way of life there are some simple things  and easy steps and techniques we can do when out that may that help  with this.

If it's a spiritual Quest there are also some things we can discuss that may make this easier for you. but the first thing we need to learn for all research theories, is the fact that this isn't just our world we share it with many beings, the woods and forests are their homes,  and  just being respectful when out and about can go a long way.  If you are a main stream researcher or more interested in the spiritual side of the subject the same rules apply really. Remember to announce your presence when walking into a new area ,if you do find sign and you would like to photograph it, let them know out loud.   Intention is nine tenths of research and it's just my opinion that the Money Shot or the next patty video will not happen in my lifetime, but I know that this research works for some and I do understand there is a need for some people to you have proof.  For the Wildmans very existence can depend on how much wild spaces and resources are available to them.

Tracking and Researching The Mainstream way

So we will start with the basic on the ground research first, (feel free to scroll below for the spiritual guide).  I know from my own experience that like most things, researching can not be learned overnight, but the first most important thing is to find an area that works for you, ignore the map and all advice and go where it feels right, it can be an area quite close to town, you would be amazed just how close to homes and workplaces we find the signs.  What is a busy bustling area during the day may be a much quieter unvisited area at night and the opposite also applies.   Visit it at differing times of day and night if you are able, and check it over seasons as some changes may only happen at certain times of year when the resources are available.  You won't be finding footprints and hair first time out and 99% of anything you find will probably be human, it's the things we can't explain that need to be photographed, also take shots of the area surrounding the anomaly ie: Arch or Weaved limbs of trees, take a note of the floor as it may contain wild edibles or certain mineral deposits that are also important, animal prints showing what's moving through. Take the shot from all directions, as what may appear to be an X from one side, may not be when viewed from another angle.  

I talk out loud and explain what i'm doing and why, it makes me feel better and works so that's the technique i use, and the best advice i can give you is Listen to everything your told believable or not and then disregard it all and start your own search.  What works for one person may not for the next. CCtv and Gopro are fine just don’t be worried if you don't catch anything, if i walked into your house and put up a big green and black camera and a flashing light, i'm sure you would notice it and avoid it at all costs, but it is useful for knowing what animal and bird life are around, if animals are thriving there and also any human foot traffic that may help you discount some of your findings.  There are some very useful youtube channels and facebook groups that can also help and i will list as many as i can at the end.

Start a diary make a note of what you find where, i use the voice recorder app on my phone and then google voice, so you don't even need to type, but a simple note pad and pen can be a big resource when you need to go back through your notes if you spot similarities or something has visibly changed.  Most people don't realise just how much they will learn over time without even realising it, and going back over your notes and photographs will help you keep on top of things.  Networking with other researchers is also useful, for tips from others a little further on, don't be afraid to ask if you're unsure, you're going to get a few different answers to the same questions, and it's in understanding your own area that will help you work out, what is right for you, and what works.  Expect to make mistakes, lots of them that's how we learn best, even some of the best researchers will admit they picked up on a technique by a mistake they made earlier in the beginning.  I walked past a million arches and X’s without even seeing them until i watched a few videos, we all have to start at the beginning. So for now concentrate on just finding an area that works for you.   Next week i'll talk about what to look for once you have found your area and what the signs may mean.

The Flute players and what works for us

I have used both types of techniques as over the years i have wanted to understand the non physical side of the forest folk and some of their nature given abilities, abilities i feel we once had and lost as time rolled on, whether dimensional or of a higher vibration, or even a people of earth (that's for you to decide) who use nature in a way we don't understand all the way to mind speak and telepathic abilities.  I think for this kind of research (i can't think of a better word, but research is wrong) intent is more important than anything, what you put out there will make all the difference, forget all things man made, you won't need them and the woods will hold everything you need to communicate and hopefully start a relationship with nature and if we are lucky enough the ancient ones.  A simple thought process walking in will help, go through in your mind what you are doing there and why, have the conversation as you would with a friend or loved one, enjoy yourself whilst there, do whatever makes you feel good, gift with pebbles or food, stones and twigs and be grateful for the day whatever the weather, because one day spent in the rain is worth more than any trapped indoors.  you can even use the rain and the elements to cleanse yourself, whether you believe or not, to simply be out in nature and enjoying the woods will give you a whole new outlook on life and the beauty of the world we live in.

Go through your protection rituals if you have them, carry your talisman or rods, runes or crystals or nothing at all, whatever feels right to you is they way to go,  remove your shoes and place both feet on the ground, you can stand or sit, whatever you choose as long as you are comfortable and relaxed, and think about Yourself, Your loved ones, The forest folk themselves and explain your reasons for wanting to connect, express yourself as if they were your brothers and sisters, and concentrate on how your loved ones make you feel, watch and listen to the nature sounds around you and take it all in, let your thoughts roll wherever they go, eyes open or closed, your choice, and over time as you do this more and more you will start to notice subtle changes around you and start to become one with nature, it may take many visits or it may click the first time. Some People Gift when in their research area, and that can involve leaving anything from fruit to peanut butter or beeswax or even leather or wooden items that may be of use. Another way of gifting can be leaving stones or crystals of your choice in a pattern or random, either way voice the fact that these are being left as a gift, nothing may happen at all, or you may find your items disturbed, re-arranged and in some cases gone and other items left in place of them. I would advise when using this system to use natural organic foods where possible and natural gifts no plastic or harmful items be left as this could harm the local wild life, so think about them and gift of the ground if possible, high up is ideal. Like any relationship it will take a long time to set up that bond of trust before any sharing takes place if at all. What is much easier to achieve is a spiritual connection with nature and the universe as a whole.

As you leave say Thank You and that you will be back, like meeting new friends it takes some longer than others to show themselves and trust.  If there is something that brings you great joy like art or singing, crafts or writing, this could be a good place to do it, or use the visit for inspiration at home later. I am also a big believer in synchronicity, if i feel like i'm being lead in a direction i tend to follow and take note.

However you choose to start your research journey or change the one you're on, it's up to you in the long run and like myself and others you can combine the two. The choice is yours, you will hear many opinions on why your right or wrong, trust your instincts and follow your gut.

Next time i will bring you some accounts from people who have a relationship with the forest folk and how it started for them.

If we can start to bridge the gap a lot of learning on both sides can be achieved.  Every new person that steps out into nature is one more that starts to care and to try and change things for the future. Lets try and do this together if we can. From all corners of the world, both sides of the coin.

D. L. Hatswell 4/3/17