The Milton Campsie "poacher" 2016

Witness Account: Deborah after seeing your Chanel and the fact that you are based in the UK, I feel comfortable sharing my experience with you , it was the beginning of August of last year (2016) and I was out walking with my son in the small woodland close to my house.  I stay in a small village called Milton of Campsie , we were well off the beaten track it's a pretty old set of woods 200-300+year old trees, when about 15 -20 yards in front of us what I thought was a poacher in a Gillie suite stood up and started to make his way at a good pace away from us, moving quickly and not looking back, given at the time I was sure this was a poacher I wanted to confront him as I was angry at the fact that someone would be firing a gun or a bow so close to where people walk with their family's and dogs etc. 

So i set off after him, as I got closer he rounded the back of an old Oak Tree and was gone, i couldn't see him anywhere, at this point given I was still thinking it was a poacher I ranted loud enough so that if he had went to ground he would still hear me as i was pretty angry by this point.  

But I heard a strange  rumbling sound at the time which sounded kinda like a big tree was ready to come down and it was coming from the oak Tree the "poacher" had gone behind.  But I played it down to nothing given the fact I often hear weird stuff all the time in the woods that I can't explain.  I never did find "him" and it wasn't until later that day I was telling my father about what had happened, he mentioned so matter of factly that I'd most likely seen the Greenman, now this is the first time I've ever heard this name in connection with the forests, but everyone I talk to now is so matter if fact about it, as if it isn't so strange at all.

So needless to say I spend every spare minute I can in the woods that i can now, not to prove anything to anyone more to see what I can find for myself.

Deborah Hatswell 6/3/17