British Bigfoot - Deborah Hatswell Returns To Her 1982 Sighting #12

im still smiling 24hr after this visit, going back helped me in a number of ways, firstly just to be able to explain how i felt was so freeing, everybody always asks how scared i was? but other emotions where also key, i felt very guilty for running and i felt an outcast because of the sighting itself, seeing all the old areas i had loved as a child brought back joyful memories i had forgotten. I feel connected to the place again, as if my journey has come full circle, back then i was just me, now i have a whole community that understands, shares and helps each other, if i did anything of worth whilst i walked this earth, it was helping people discover friends, relationships and a renewed love of nature. And without all the new connections i would never have been able to do this, some days just leaving the house can be a battle for me, and over the years that weighed me down, now i feel renewed and ready to fight to get myself back out there as often as i can. And finding that elephant stone, was like turning a key. Thank you IBZ and all the other members that chat, email and speak to me, you help me, to help people and between us all a mighty tide of change is coming. <3 <3