Mike's Werewolf Journal. 1.. A brief outline of events.

Werewolf log
First entry, date 4.5.16
Search area, Maple Durnham, Nuney Green and Cheazey Heath (North of Reading)
Weather- Sunny and clear
Temp- 18c
The purpose of this search was to find foot prints and any hides, and to try and establish if Werewolves or Wildman are in the area. Nothing found

Date 5.11.16
Search area, Nuney Green and along the B4526
Time 11.39 am to 12.09 pm
Temp- 7c
Weather- Slightly overcast, cloudy but no rain
Of interest on one side of the Woods there was bird song and on the other side total dead silence, I feel no presence of danger, but of being watched

Werewolf sightings and locations based on colleagues and friends
Longcross near Chobham, this was in June 2009
Nuney Green, Oxfordshire (Ongoing)
Waltington Hill, Oxfordshire
Charlbury and Chadbury in Oxfordshire (The locals have reported large wild black canines in the area going back decades)
Bircher Common near Leominster, the sighting was in 2017

Saddleworth Moor in March 2017 along the A635, one Werewolf was described as being large as a Pony
Hazel Farm, near Macclesfield during September 2017 (3 Sheep killed by a large Canine which was stated by the Police. 10 other Sheep were run around until they died of heart failure. One of the Sheep killed had its rear legs ripped out of their sockets)

Over the Coming months, Mike will explain in more detail the earlier events that have happened to himself and started his journey into researching the werewolf/dogman in his area of the UK. And his future research as his search goes on. Mike has kindly provided me with photographs from one of the incidents above and you can see them below. Mike has agreed to keep us up to date with any further happenings and will be attending Cannock Chase next month in the hopes of answers or signs of the werewolves reported there, and to date other than the North East Coast of the UK has the largest number of werewolf sightings to date. Anyone wishing to contact Mike for information, help or advice is welcome to do so, i have his contact details and can pass them on. Any help on the images above would be very welcome, as there does seem to be a figure in the foliage.

A close up by BigFoot Tony

D. L. Hatswell