Mike's Werewolf Journal's Parts.. 3, Foot prints Field Research


Werewolf log part 3
Date- 13.5.17
Search area- Wychwood Forest in Oxfordshire
Weather- Warm, muggy with good visibility and bouts of sunshine

Temp- Not taken
I searched Wychwood Forest which is near Chalbury; As this was an area described to me as an place well known for large wild black canines by people local to the area. This area is also known as a camp site for tourists and outdoors leisure etc. I searched a small patch as I was new to this area, i didnt want to wander too far off track, but I did find two sets of prints that were 12 inches long and 10 inches wide which were near a tourist camp site, these prints were triangular in shape, search time was 14.00 to 15.10 hours.
I drove around the back of Wychwood Forest via Leaffield, Choddlington and Chalbury, looking for signs of activity which would I suspect needs a full day’s investigation, to really cover the whole area.

Werewolf log part 4
Date- 16.5.17
Search area- Nuney Green Zone 1 and 3
Weather- Warm, slight cloud cover with sunshine (Visibility good)
Temp- Not taken
I returned to an old area (Zone 1, from my encounter on 12.2.17) I found some triangular/pear shaped prints, 8 inches wide and 10 inches long, I also found a new den which I have not seen before. I took some photos on my mobile phone. Returning to my car I saw under the dark shade of a tree, after looking very hard, an outline of a very large head looking at me, I got into my car and sat there and sure enough a large black canine head popped up from the under growth about 50 feet or so from my car, I took some quick photos and decided to leave. Search time 13.45 to 15.00 hours.

I returned to the scene of yesterdays encounter just to make sure it was not a mistake or a piece of wood or a branch etc in regards to what I had seen under the tree, basically my furry friend had used the shade of the tree to hide itself, in short I had to walk past this tree and I never saw him until I turned to the car and then that’s when I caught the outline of one side of its head which was massive, and to add further worry I found the spot where it had laid down when it was watching me, the body width from the impression left in grass and undergrowth was about five across and the length was about the size of my car, which by the way is a 5 door Skoda Octavia, search time 14.10 to 14.32 hours, the weather was cloudy but warm with sporadic light rain showers
Mike went to explain to me in more detail that
The encounter he had on the the 12.2.17 and the one from the 16.5.17 have (Out of the seven that I’ve had) those two have have by far been the most ingrained in my memory, the one from the 12.2.17 left me absolutely scared witless due to the suddenness of it and the one from the 16.5.17 left me in awe simply because of its sheer size.

Werewolf log part 5
Date- 23.5.17
Search area- Zone 1 and 2
Weather- Warm, muggy with spell of sunshine with cloud cover (Visibility excellent)
Temp- Not taken
Today I spent looking for dens in zone 2 and getting closer to them, and I did get the sense I was being watched for a brief spell, I did find a 20 inch long and 13 inch wide foot print which I think must belong to a Wildman. In zone 1 nothing much except again, I had the sense of being watched and what made it more creepy was the some birds were still singing, normally when these creatures are around everything goes dead silent, I’m not sure if this is a good or bad thing. Search time was from 10.50 to 12.03 hours.

D. L. Hatswell 21/10/17