Mike's Werewolf Journal's.. 2 Footprints and Dens 2016/17

Werewolf log part 2

Date 15.4.17
Search area- Zone 1 (Of Nuney Green)
Weather- Clear and sunny
Temp- 14.5c
Searched zone 1 and found some more prints, 18 to 22 inches in length, also found 2 new dens, a lot of trees bent over and some of them were interlocked. Search time 15.35 to 16.09 hours, proceeded to zone 2 of Nuney Green. Zone 2 had some signs of den building and shows some promise, search time 16.10 to 16.46 hours.
Note (Added 16.10.17)
I’ve divided Nuney Green as follows
Zone 1, either side of the B4526, I call this the main residential area (5 of my sightings have happened here)
Zone 2, left side of the A4074, if you’re heading in the direction of Ipsden, I call this area the training ground
Zone 3, right side of the A4074, if you’re heading in the direction of Ipsden, I call this area the Kindergarten area
Date 23.4.17
Search area- Zone 1 and 3
Weather- Cloudy but bright with sunny spells
Temp- 14c
I searched Zone 1, found some trees with stripped off bark, but I’m sure of the cause, but I definitely had the sense I was being watched, which caused me to turn around and I saw staring back at me, with its head just sticking above a fallen tree, a large black canine head with pointed ears looking right at me, I looked back at it, where upon it ducked down and like fool I went looking for it because it seemed to me to be a juvenile. Anyway I decided to go and search another zone 3.

Zone 3 had some old prints and a new one, anyway while walking in the woods, 8 large deer bolted from a tree line which made me jump and I stopped waiting for something to come out of the tree line chasing them, this happened about 10 meters to my front, but nothing ever did come running out of the tree line chasing them, I reasoned maybe I was the cause for them to bolt?  The deer were greyish-white in colour. In Nuney Green we have three types of deer, a small breed with two larger types, one of which is greyish/white in colour and the other type is sandy brown/white in colour. Search time 08.40 to 11.45 hours.

Update to follow.

mike 17/10/17