The Gildencroft bogey historical

About twenty minutes’ walk from the train station, Gildencroft is an area just off St Augustine’s Street. Today it is home to a park and recreation ground, but for centuries it was a mixture of houses, farmland and wilderness. And lurking in the wilderness was the Gildencroft Bogey. Here is the testimony of a witness:

“I was walking to The Lathes when I saw it. It jumped out of the darkness and chased me down the road. I’ve never seen anything like it in all my puff. Oh, ’orrible it was! All big and hairy! Eyes glowing in the dark, big as tea-saucers. Big sharp teeth… and its’ breath. Oh, verily it was most noxious. Forsooth, I swooned with a fit of the vapours. And when I came to, it had gone,” the witness said. 

Sightings of the Gildencroft Bogey continued until the late nineteenth-century 

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