Cannock Chase Another Wildman Sighting summer 1980's

Witness account:  I was over Cannock chase with a girlfriend about 25 years ago on a warm summers night when she noticed something in the tree line, when I looked, it looked like a large man in a fur coat standing in the trees watching us, when I turned on the car lights it ran deeper in to the trees. He was very big and It did look as though he was sloughed over as well, (leaning foward) the side of him through the trees looked like a bodybuilder.  I didn't hear anything on the night, strange nor when he moved through the trees.  I never knew there were strange things happening over the chase until one of my friends mentioned it about a year ago. it happened close to the German cemetery at cannock.

As we know from other witness account Cannock Chase is a hot bed of strange occurrences we also have a tall wolf like creature spotted close to the german cemetery. and sightings of many upright human shaped creatures come in even to this day.  A research night has been organised for march 2016 and i will keep you updated if any evidence comes in.