What were those Howls Rugeley 2016

Follow the Dog trail at Cannock Chase in the Midlands, is a red graded 7 mile intermediate mountain bike aimed at competent mountain bikers. We were and after riding the first section at about 20:40 we stopped before going across the bridge, which identically was bloody slippy. We were only still for about two minutes and we heard somebody shout out. It wasn't a word or anything just Ahhhh. I shouted back but no answer, 30 seconds or so later there was another Ahhhh. Again I shouted back. We were beginning to wonder if it was somebody who was hurt, but why didn't they answer? Or was it somebody who was playing silly buggers or a group of kids wanting to nick our bikes?

It only sounded like one voice and we couldn't see any lights in the trees. It also sounded like the voice came from in the woods that the first section is in. Anyhow as the voice wasn't answering back we decided to get moving. We heard it another two or three times and at one point I thought I could hear voices behind us. Almost felt like we were being chased or followed but I couldn't see any lights so how could they see us.

Just wondered if anybody knows if there was a group doing some sort of night expedition or if anybody has been found hurt last night or even this morning. Thanks  

 Another witness added:   Three of us were out for a ride last night and stopped at the forest track crossing before the bridge at approx. 8pm. We heard various strange noises which I took to be some local jokesters trying to scare us.... 

Report taken by Kathryn Chadwick jan 2016