A Transparent Creature nr Culcheth

I was contacted by a young man who saw something very strange whilst driving at night with his mother, they live in the South West area of Gtr Manchester and were travelling back from Culcheth near Warrington, it was around 8pm and dark at that time of year, they were dropping of an item they had sold and it was on the return journey home that this happened.

Ethan Furness: As we were driving through an area of fields i saw something in the road that is really hard to describe, it was on all fours in the middle of the road and looked really odd, about the size of a dog, it had white fur or hair but it moved in a very strange way, and it seemed like you could see through it? It was almost transparent and it just looked at us and moved off into the woods at the side of the road.

The way it walked i can only describe as the exorcist type walk from the film, in a jerky unnatural way. I have no idea what we saw that day and i would be interested to know if anyone can shed any light on the creature, has anyone else reported something like this?

I do have reports of both the transparent aspect of this case and also bigfoots described with white hair or fur, but i think Mr Furness saw something that i can not pinpoint in any of my Cryptid cases, sadly the sighting was quick and we don't know what became of the creature after it left Ethan’s sight, i just hope i can find him some answers and a little closure on the matter.

I you know what Ethan saw or something that could explain it, please feel free to contact me and i can pass it along to him. He curiosity has been peaked and he is interested in getting out and about and learning what to look for and why, and he's very lucky to be out this weekend with Chris Turner one of out Northern Researchers.

Let's hope we can get Ethan some answers.